The interview with Elena Kuzmina is ready.

We are happy to announce that we have finally prepared the interview with our wonderful Russian School member Elena Kuzmina. You’ll be able to read the whole text in the new Equine Anthology. Meanwhile we were granted the permission to publish a part of it here.

Lena: “…there shouldn’t be any rows about boiling horse skull on the stove. It may sound amusing for someone but only because he has happily avoided such refreshing experience!”

NHE Can you tell a bit more about your mischief making in the family house somehow connected with School matters?
L.K. I keep horse legs in the freezer and wash rugs in the washing machine… quite a lot of things; I don’t remember exactly – but no twinge of conscience and no one has ever tried to reproach me and I am terribly thankful for that.
NHE And how is it getting on when two or more School members come together in a family house?
L.K. These are quite ordinary meetings of people who find pleasure in being together… say, to carry out some dissections.
NHE And what about you and Muscat? How did you meet?
L.K. On line!
NHE ???
L.K. It was long time ago when our closed forum was dominated by the total horse rescue craze. I came across Muscat’s photo and two more horses with their slaughter date next to them. The School didn’t supervise horse purchasing at the time so it took me little time and no second thought to borrow money from all my friends and acquaintances with a single purpose to finance transporting from Cheliabinsk and a horse van. Now these light-minded and irresponsible and unjustified plans would have no chance to come true. I am sure to have changed my mind and we would have never met with Muscat. Everything has happened as it should. I am positive it is not by chance…