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Cherepovets madman stuff

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

On Cherepovets local hippodrome, a group of pupils from local equestrian sport section have bullied a girl brutally. Anna Andreeva, the victim sued them for mugging according to Article N. 116 (beating), the case will be investigated by the Cherepovets Department of Internal Affairs. Driven by the extreme pathos of corporate identity the equestrian bullies dressed up in their sports uniforms to make the Hallowing even more impressive. They put on helmets, boots and bridges. And all the seven armed with whips have attacked the girl who dared to take photographs of their severe methods or better to say violence quite common for equestrian sport. However, Ann was given a choice. She was suggested to dispose of all the camera shots, the evidence of their cruelty to horses. She refused even though had to stay face to face against the mob of seven. (more…)