New representative in Texas, U.S.A


It is a pleasure to announce that Edward Pershwitz is the Nevzorov Haute Ecole Representative for Texas, U.S.A.

Edward continues to show his talent and passion from the personal journey with his horses, his learning, perseverance and understanding, along with willingness and capability to share experience and advice, both within the forum and in his community.

Edward can be reached at:

Summer weekend with the horses Workshop with Michael Bevilacqua August 20,21, 2016 St. Malo, Manitoba


Setting Free the Spirit Within

Allowing your horse expression, thinking, learning and choice for mutual understanding. It is teaching without any kind of forced restraint, no halters, bits, spurs or whips. No Riding / No Horse experience necessary

It is about perception of life, being who you are, taking off rose-coloured glasses, letting go of old doctrines, seeing interconnectedness within our world and how simple it is to not only understand another species but also ourselves.

Discover the simplicity which seems so elusive

For booking or info contact: Sorry, registration now closed

Workshop: Saturday, Sunday: August 20 & 21, 2016



Weekend Seminar in Plano, Texas October 21-23, 2016 with NHE Representative Donna Condrey-Miller


Open the door to deepen your understanding of horses, learn about the School of Nevzorov Haute Ecole and meet Atticus, the resident stallion brought up the NHE way.

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NHE Representative of the Czech Republic


Nevzorov Haute Ecole is pleased to announce the appointment of Lucinka (Lucie) Votypkova as Official NHE Representative of the Czech Republic.



Book Reading and Discussion in Ashland, Oregon June 24, 2016


Increasing numbers of scientists and legislation recognize animals to be sentient beings, more people are choosing vegan diets but where does horseback riding and the use of horses for sport fit into our changing views of animals?

Horsewomen Stormy May, Ren Hurst and Donna Condrey-Miller will share their journeys in a book reading and exploration of the question, “How unconditional is our love?” in Ashland Friday night, June 24th at the Haven. These women have been participating in a quiet revolution in the way horses are treated around the world. May, Hurst, and Condrey-Miller developed a friendship through participation in Nevzorov Haute Ecole (NHE), an online school founded by Lydia Nevzorova to convey the teachings of her husband Alexander Nevzorov, a Russian horseman, journalist, researcher and historian. Nevzorov learned traditional horsemanship, natural horsemanship, relationship-based training and then he worked on intellectual training as he taught his horses Latin. After getting to a certain point he realized that most of what we do with horses is not in their best interest and is not coming from unconditional love. Nevzorov now advocates for horses to be cared for in species-appropriate environments and for humans to work on their own inner development.

Donna Condrey-Miller, an NHE representative in California says, “The philosophy behind Nevzorov Haute Ecole includes the foundation of human self development which is the key to unlocking the depth of communication that is possible between human and horse. Starting with the practice of not forcing our horses to do anything, we explore what we can do and how to do it in a way that encourages the horse to think and express himself freely in the relationship.”

Stormy May, producer of the documentary, “The Path of the Horse” and author of a book of the same name says, “If we want to live in a world of peace and love, we’re going to have to step into the reality of what that looks like in everyday life. The three of us happen to have been horseback riders. In our search for understanding how to work with horses without using coercion or force we were led to the teachings of Alexander Nevzorov. As a result, we all have developed and embodied our own ways of being with horses as an opportunity to express unconditional love in our lives. This also led us to experience deeper connections with humans and other animals as well. We each know the value of walking into what challenges us, and through understanding ourselves we are able to accept, acknowledge and empathize with the position of others leading to a greater capacity to heal and enhance the lives of those around us. All this inner work really does pay off; the world is a better place because of the people we’ve become. I think as we continue to grow together as a team we’ll naturally inspire more people to not be afraid to look within to heal ourselves and all our relations.”

Ren Hurst, a former horse trainer from Texas, wrote a book about her experiences with horses called, “Riding on the Power of Others.” She also created the New World Sanctuary Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. About the Ashland based sanctuary Hurst says, “The work we do here has many layers to it, and it can get very deep, but the most important thing to understand is that we offer a life of total freedom to the horses which changes them dramatically. By total freedom, I mean they are never forced, manipulated, or controlled in any way for another’s benefit. This heals them and allows them to be an example of what we could become if we offered such freedom and unconditional love to one another. That’s the healing aspect of our work, and how that actually looks and what it means is takes a considerable amount of learning to understand.

The sanctuary provides a permanent, loving environment to animals in need, but we are more importantly a practice center where people can come to practice just exactly what it means to love unconditionally — beyond feeling and into action.”

The Friday night presentation will be followed by an NHE weekend seminar at the New World Sanctuary Foundation in Ashland. For more information contact Donna Condrey-Miller at .

NHE Seminar in Ashland, Oregon June 24-26, 2016


Immerse yourself in a weekend of Nevzorov Haute Ecole June 24-26, 2016 in Ahsland, Oregon with NHE Representative Donna Condrey-Miller . Learn about developing a relationship with your horse built on freedom of expression, equality and pure joy. Discover how to creatively, yet simply, communicate with your horse without the coercion of traditional horse training. Connect with a community of like-minded people and share in the wealth of this down to earth way with horses.

For more information and registration details visit:

Hippophotography: Theory and Practice


Available on Amazon

This book reveals the secrets to creating the kind of captivating images synonymous with Nevzorov Haute École equine photography that have earned appreciation and admiration the world over. Practical advice on the technical aspects of a variety of equine photography genres will allow you to develop enduring skills while discovering your own style. From the candid shot to the portrait, from anatomical dissection and hoof photography to the educational still of the School, you will learn to showcase your unique point of view and develop your natural talent. Well suited to both beginners trying to find their way in photography and professionals wishing to become acquainted with the Nevzorov Haute École style and new genres of equine photography, Hippophotography: Theory and Practice uses clear language and illustrations to make it easy.



El Silencio de los Caballos


The Silence of the Horses

In this first book, David Castro condenses reflections arising from his life with horses inquiring about cultural paradigms that underlie human bonding behavior and questions the fact that man awarded himself the rights of dominance over the other living beings and the natural environment.

His work on educating horses, beside the research and training within Nevzorov Haute Ecole, has led him to make a comprehensive review of everything known regarding the man-horse relationship.

With a prose that reveals a brilliant and sensitive intellectual within this former horse tamer and children’s teacher, the author leads the reader to extend an introspective look into the connection with the “other”, even unintentionally.

This book is recommended not only for those wishing to make contact with horses for the first time, or for beginners who seek to cultivate a better way to interact with them, but also for anyone interested deepening in the understanding of human behavior.

The attractive and powerful images captured by Chilean photographer Mariana Domic enliven this journey about horses and humans possibilities.

Title : The silence of the Horses

Language: Spanish

160  pgs . B&W

170mm x 240 mm


David Castro. 2015


Facebook Page:

Mail contact:


NHE International Seminar 2015 September 19-20




Michael Bevilacqua NHE Senior Representative and author of Beyond the Dream Horse is presenting the NHE International Seminar 2015 hosted by Cloé Lacroix
This seminar will explore Michael’s own experience revealing the progressive change in himself & of his horses and re-visit the core of the relationship with the horse within NHE.


 A private weekend to share with like-minded people from all over to focus on a unique approach and insight about how to bring the relationship to a new level, develop willingness, thinking, understanding in the horse without any type of force or punishment and to enrich ourselves. Discover the simplicity of what seems so elusive.

Riding On the Power of Others: A Horsewoman’s Path to Unconditional Love


With great pleasure NHE recommends new released and already best-selling book of Ren Hurst. Really worth reading! Congratulations, Ren!

Ren Hurst finds her way to horses as a teenager, following a turbulent and painful childhood. They are her saving grace, her first experience of pure joy and freedom. She soon becomes a passionate horsewoman, intent on riding her way to the top. Her ascent takes an unexpected turn when compassion becomes the key component to success after she discovers an entirely new paradigm regarding equine understanding and practices.

This understanding leads her to walk away completely from riding and training horses and into a world where relationship is all that matters. These innovative currents of change reveal themselves to be demanding and controversial, but also exceptionally rewarding and unavoidably far-reaching into Ren’s personal life. She embarks on a wild quest of radical transformation, finding an ever-deepening compassion for herself and all life around her.

This book is the story of a woman’s metamorphosis through her falls, rises, and life-changing insights, under the wise and benevolent guidance of a mystical and fascinatingly powerful animal.

Available on Amazon