NHE authorized representatives

We have recently been informed that people in various countries have seen advertisements for “NHE clinics or seminars.”

The only people who are currently authorized to give NHE seminars are:

  1. Argentina: David Castro (davidnhe@gmail.com)
  2. Australia: Sascha Day (the.happy.dayz@bigpond.com)
  3. Belgium: Sofya Demskaya (voschodik@mail.ru)
  4. California State (USA): Donna Condrey-Miller (starfarmranch@gmail.com)
  5. Canada and worldwide: Michael Bevilacqua (info@beyondthedreamhorse.ca)
  6. Canada: Cloé Lacroix (cloe_lacroix@yahoo.com)
  7. Denmark: Karina Bjerremann – Nevzorov HR official representative (hestenge@mail.dk)
  8. France: Marie Duizidou – Nevzorov HR official representative (marie.duizidou@gmail.com)
  9. Italy: Maurizio Patti (lifedream@hauteecole.ru)
  10. Ukraine: Olesya Rodina (ecole_ukr@i.ua)
  11. Norway: Fred Ivar (fredivar@amlanedre.no)
  12. Sweden: Lovisa Nilsson (lovisa@ungulog.se)

Any person not listed here who is claiming to be a representative of NHE is not being truthful. As new representatives are appointed, announcements will be made in the forum. All NHE-sanctioned clinics and seminars will also be announced here.

For those with no representative in their area, Maurizio Patti is available for telephone and email consultation.