Cherepovets madman stuff

On Cherepovets local hippodrome, a group of pupils from local equestrian sport section have bullied a girl brutally. Anna Andreeva, the victim sued them for mugging according to Article N. 116 (beating), the case will be investigated by the Cherepovets Department of Internal Affairs. Driven by the extreme pathos of corporate identity the equestrian bullies dressed up in their sports uniforms to make the Hallowing even more impressive. They put on helmets, boots and bridges. And all the seven armed with whips have attacked the girl who dared to take photographs of their severe methods or better to say violence quite common for equestrian sport. However, Ann was given a choice. She was suggested to dispose of all the camera shots, the evidence of their cruelty to horses. She refused even though had to stay face to face against the mob of seven.

And then they attacked her demonstrating the best of their professional tricks and skills taught by their equestrian sport section. They gave way to their instincts and sadism, they beat her as if she was a horse and that’s the point where they felt on the solid ground inflicting pain to living beings. The above photos were too persuasive poof of the savage brutality to the horses lacking either grace, or art. But a concentrated pain on the one side and exclusive zoological hate on the other. No more no less.

 Nevzorov’s Haute Ecole School has taught people to see the crude REALITY behind the races and training sessions. But the Cherepovets story has one very peculiar detail. Anna’s photos revealing horse beating were not the single reason underlying this wild outburst of hatred. Anna is the author of a great report about the competitions held on Cherepovets hippodrome. Apart from the above, those competitions turned out to be a rather pitiful show even in the terms of this so called sport. To say nothing of the participants who kept falling from their horses. Anna’s report revealed with the utmost clarity that the students of Cherepovets junior school of sport reserve reminded of falling autumn leaves (falling down, covering the ground with a vast bright shit). They fell while galloping, fell in jumps, fell from a horse standing still. And there was no one to encourage them with a whip. They galloped ahead with the single purpose to drop with a flop spectacularly at the first or the second fence made of painted sticks -and to stumble away in tears. With a careful make up smeared all over their faces and mouthful of soil. They fell over the horse’s back, with ass far out, struck against the ground, plummeted “from the shoulder”, leaving deep ass – shaped holes in the ground.

They constantly got into dirty tire covers and deep pools. They landed onto the ground with a loud scream “Mummy!” followed by taboo words – real “sportsladies” no more no less. Nevertheless they’ve been taught to behave like this, hatred being their main subject understudy. Their false claims about “love of a sportsman to a horse” are well known for everyone. Only one who has this cold cruelty towards a horse is capable of squeezing the competitive results out of the animal, being completely insensitive to its terror and suffering. Only the one who is able to beat the horse ruthlessly with all the competence can bear this proud name “equestrian sportsman”. To clench one’s hatred in a fist and give it way, sometimes, as you see, it hurts both horses and people.

During this historical large scale slaughter on the Cherepovets hippodrome “the brutal falling leaves” brought up by the local sport school advertised the main qualities of a model equestrian sportsman: hysteria, cynicism, rage, meanness and cowardice. As no one of them will ever have a nerve to communicate with a horse openly, without any special instruments inflicting torture, they are able to bully in a mob, suppressing by their brainless mass. Today the court is expected to pass a judgment over their actions. And they are going to judge not only the brightest representatives of Cherepovets junior school of sport reserve but it wouldn’t be a fair trial over the qualities required for the equestrian sport.