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The Horse Revolution is Spreading Fast

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

The Horse Crucified and Risen’, Kindle edition reached its Millenium milestone yesterday with one thousand downloads in one day

“Tractate on a School Mount”

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Nevzorov Haute Ecole is delighted to  announce that the new book by Alexander Nevzorov, “Tractate on a School Mount is now  available in English. To obtain the book visit our shop

When a man appears  on the back of a horse, he takes some sort of a position, and this position has its own features. This position is called a “seat.” It is believed that there are many different types of “seats.” Special seats for show-jumping, for trail riding, for bullfighting and so on and so  forth. To put it mildly, that’s not true. There are not many different types of seats; there are a great number of perversions on the topic of “seat.” There are too many of them, and unfortunately all of them are factors that lead to “uncomfortable and then painful sensations” for the       horse. If you put any man on a horse without a saddle, you will always get approximately the same seat. It can vary a bit due to some anatomical peculiarities of the individual man or horse, but its principle will stay the same. It will be a very deep seat with absolutely relaxed leg, with the toes pulled down and out a bit with fixed thighs. This will be the most natural seat.

We are glad to announce that the ninth issue of “NHE Equine Anthology” is ready.

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

SCHOOL Collection: Dead or Alive Alexander Nevzorov describes the difference between natural collection and so popular in dressage roll–kur.

Donna Condrey–Miller Official NHE Representative in California, USA
HORSE REVOLUTION Rodeo: Intimate details of a national shame When talking about rodeo we can only be surprised at how shameless the fairy tales are about this horrible activity. In bullfighting there is a least some semblance of an operatic storyline explaining the sequence of events, although the horse is ill-fated from the beginning. Rodeo is just a typical and primitive way for absolute idiots to have fun. Even the word idiot sounds a bit complementary towards these guys in hats and the audience who watch the rodeo.

Hackamore Let’s take a look at the secret of the effect of the hackamore, sidepull, bosal, medikana, caveson, kapcung and Parelli halter.

 RESEARCH Endogenous mechanisms of modification of pain sensitivity in horses There is quite a lot known nowadays about pain, anatomical structures and physiological processes which condition the processes of pain reception, perception, modification of this perception, emotional reactions to pain and the generation of response to pain. This article deals with two small but important aspects of pain sensation which are crucial for understanding how horses perceive pain and react to it. These aspects are responses to noxious stimuli and endogenous mechanisms of modification of pain sensitivity in horses.

REVIEWS Peacemonger… or The Art of Rumination In this issue we introduce a review by Alexander Nevzorov on a book by Michael Peace The Q&A Guide to Understanding Your Horse.

CARTULARIUM Krall’s Book Among all the lifetime editions of Karl Krall’s book, it is the fourth lifetime edition (Leipzig, 1912) that is the most important and valuable for the researcher.

Rene Fransua “Essay about Some Wonders of Natureand the Noblest Tricks”. The book by Rene Fransua belongs to a number of hyppological rarities. This “Essay about Some Wonders of Nature and the Noblest Tricks” was published in Ruan at the royal publishing house owned by Jan Osmond in accordance with the order by Ludouwick the XII. 

THE HORSE CRUCIFIED AND RISEN BY ALEXANDER NEVZOROV Epilogue The last chapter of the long-awaited book by Alexander Nevzorov.
COLLOQUIUM Interview with Lydia Nevzorova

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