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Anniversary discounts

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce that the new issue of “NHE Equine Anthology” is ready.
In this issue read the interview with Lydia Nevzorova where she shatters the myths and rumors about NHE. 

This month we celebrate the 7th anniversary of HR and the NHE School!
As part of the celebration we have a special offer.
For those customers who buy a McAfee product through our website we will give special discounts and benefits during August!
Buy one of McAfee or Bit Defender products via the NHE shop and get:
 - 40% discount for all NHE films
- 70% discount for the Anthology
With this offer you will receive Antivirus for 3 users almost FREE!
To obtain your discount code, follow 3 simple steps
1.    Log into the NHE shop and click on the McAfee or Bit Defender banner
2.    Buy one McAfee or Bit Defender product
3.    Send the McAfee order confirmation to [email protected] and tell us what NHE product you want. You will receive an individual discount code.

Hurry! The offer is available for one week only!
Even if you do not buy any of NHE products you can support NHE!
Buying McAfee products via our Shop will help the Horse Revolution!

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The seventh issue of the “NHE Equine Anthology” is ready

Friday, August 5th, 2011

SCHOOL. What are the ways to gain trust of an abused horse and reach his heart again?

HORSE REVOLUTION. Hippotherapy: In the Shadows of Equestrian Sports 

BARTABAS NAKED Or: The futile expectation to see Brabancon horses

“The Horse Crucified and Risen” by Alexander Nevzorov. Chapter four. War

CARTULARIUM. The “Turkish” curb

COLLOQUIUM. The Path of the School

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The Horse Crucified and Risen by Alexander Nevzorov is now available in English

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

This book became a best-seller in Russia, was reprinted several times and changed the worldview of many people.
This is the first book in the history of mankind revealing the whole truth about horse and man relationships. Its author is well-known journalist, film director, scientist and founder of the most difficult and the most beautiful school of horse training and education, Nevzorov Haute Ecole, and he is living proof that a horse can be trained and educated without any means of constraint such as bit and bridle and punishment.
The book reveals secrets of horse training and discloses the truth about the painful essence of the equestrian sport. The true history of the cavalry and the history of those cruel instruments of strict enforcement that people used for horses over almost thirty centuries, never thinking that there is a completely different way…

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