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Paddocks and Shelters by Lydia Nevzorova

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Paddocks and Shelters portrays the reality of horse keeping in order to help horse owners honestly and objectively evaluate their own properties or boarding facilities.

A unique format of comprehensive and relevant photo illustrations comprise this handbook that guides you to make the best choices when arranging and constructing your horses’ paddocks and shelters, as well as alerting you to hazardous, yet all too common practices. Concise, clear captions and comments provide numerous responsible options for safe and comfortable equine habitats, along with what to avoid and why.  Expert advice from seasoned horse owners outlines effective, appealing solutions for everything from fencing materials to water troughs – all with the best interest of the horse in mind.

This book is the translation of the popular Russian book, Paddocks and Shelters by Lydia Nevzorova, which leads off the Nevzorov Haute Ecole series on Equine Management which includes volumes on stable setup, hoof care, blanketing and more.  This insightful series offers a revolutionary approach to horse keeping in a handy format brimming with valuable knowledge in an easy-to-remember fashion. Lydia Nevzorova imparts her wisdom and experience in a friendly conversational style that appeals to all levels of horse people.

This peerless atlas of equine management is an asset to every horse owner’s library.

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What to do to get HCR into colleges and public libraries

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

 Many people ask why our book is not available in their libraries and in countries outside the US.
If you would like our book to be available in libraries, please contact your local library or college library and request  them to obtain  it. It is possible to order on-line!
It would be great for all equine colleges to have “The Horse Crucified and Risen”. If you are a member of such a college, please tell your teachers and librarians about  the book.  Colleges can acquire it through a separate distribution for a special low price.

Use one of the following ISBN:
ISBN-10: 1463752156
ISBN-13: 978-1463752156

Horse Crucified and Risen stand among Equine Best Seller Book!

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

The book that was a bestseller in Russia, ‘The Horse Encyclopedia’ by Alexander Nevzorov is receiving the same popularity in its English edition. ”The Horse Crucified and Risen” book sales is one of the best equine book sold on Amazon.

Anthology vol 8 is now available

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

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How I Choose Horses

I can surely say that even if we use the most serious approach in choosing a horse, even if we have an incredible quantity of hippological, veterinary, behavioral and biomechanical knowledge, the “main” horses in our lives are not “chosen”, they just “happen”.

This rule holds true even when a horse has to be chosen for professional work in the cinema for a show, for television or photography – in other words, business, with the obligatory need to teach the horse basics or the whole Haute Ecole.

Alexander Nevzorov shares his story of how he chooses his horses. (more…)