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How I Choose Horses

I can surely say that even if we use the most serious approach in choosing a horse, even if we have an incredible quantity of hippological, veterinary, behavioral and biomechanical knowledge, the “main” horses in our lives are not “chosen”, they just “happen”.

This rule holds true even when a horse has to be chosen for professional work in the cinema for a show, for television or photography – in other words, business, with the obligatory need to teach the horse basics or the whole Haute Ecole.

Alexander Nevzorov shares his story of how he chooses his horses.

Marie Duizidou – Come Back to the Reality

Official Nevzorov Horse Revolution Representative in France tells the story of her path to NHE School.



The Equestrian Inquisition

Imagine that a regular store sold inquisition devices. Furthermore, they are sold not as antiques, but as quite ordinary tools for everyday use. They are new, in beautiful packages with the instructions for use. On the shop board are mouth openers sold in bulk and pincers to pull out nails, nostrils and teeth; on windows – whips of all kinds, with chains, with or without hooks; on shelves – vices and “Spanish boots.” And in the center of the room on a table marked, “Please do not touch” on a nice label – a real rack.

Do you think these instruments can only be seen in a museum, where hardly anyone will attend? All these worn-down exhibits shed pain and sufferings of the hundreds, the thousands of tortured. If one will come closer – one will hear the moans and death rattles of the tormented souls.


The Corpse’s Dress – What Not to Wear on a Horse

In this issue we introduce a review by Alexander Nevzorov on a book by G. Oakley, S. Soskin, Riding Outfit: What Not to Wear on a Horse.



Chapter 5: Home

The fifth chapter of the long-awaited book by Alexander Nevzorov.



The Hidden Meaning of Old Engravings


In fact, many ideas and meanings which spiritualize old School Masters and their imitators are encrypted on title pages preceding old tomes. Alexander Nevzorov analyzes a famous book by Antoine De Pluvinel L’Instruction du Roy en l’Exercice de Monter a Cheval and the title engravings in La Gueriniere’s, Ecole De Cavalerie.


The School Curb

Some history of a famous curb bit designed by Solomon de la Brue.

We can safely say that the precise scientific and practical knowledge of the torturous role of any equine “iron” (i.e., bits) celebrates its 400th birthday now. In the beginning of the XVII century in France, Haute Ecole master Salomon de La Broue published the results of his research which he had called “PRECEPTES”, including a complete analysis of the effect the bit causes in a horse’s mouth.

It is noteworthy that La Broue studied the principles of the effect of the bit not to communicate the torture it caused the horse or even to express his dismay. He did it only to make his own inventions more effective.


Lectio Eqvaria Palaestra

The new film by Alexandr nevzorov is now available on DVD. In this issue we proudly introduce an interview with the director.

As we all know, the key criteria of intelligence is the ability to encipher sounds into the graphic characters (we call it “writing”) and vice-a-versa – the ability to decipher graphic characters, the ability to read. Those abilities allow us to get the amazing answers which indicate that there is a similarity of the intellect in the different species of mammals. A horse’s brain is comparable to a human’s.

If we give it such “tools” as graphic characters (i.e. the alphabet) we can organize the intellect. So we can teach a horse to associate, to generalize and to draw conclusions…