The shooting of the «L.E.P.» film is finished

The shooting of the new film by Alexander Nevzorov «Lectio Equaria Palaestra» is finished

The shooting started in March’09. Two production companies – «Lenfilm» and «RWS» – took part in the creation of the film. More than 400 actors participated in it. About 40 episodes were filmed. Film footage includes a lot of feature episodes and some documental ones. Some scenes include more than a hundred actors….

The shooting took place in studios, indoors and on location. The real Karl Krall stables were replicated. The great deal of work was made by dress designers, set designers and make-up artists. The assistants on valuable props were also quite busy. Besides the traditional use of the true items (XVI century books, medieval armor, ancient anatomical instruments) the real relics such as masonic sword of Karl Krall, the helmets crafted by Caspar Enderlein, the smoking pipe of baron Eisenberg and the lifetime edition of Athanasius Kircherius appear in the film.

Alina Nos, first assistant director: «Though we shot only what we really wanted to, after all a lot of scenes didn’t fit into the final movie. We were to cut the material severely trying not to draw out to a great length. And to have a pity on our public also. We are sure, they would not be able to tear themselves away from the film anyway, but they can simply harm their eyesight. It is possible, that producers will decide to include some part of the additional footage into the DVD-release.»

The last large scene was shot in January. After that some additional footage and continuity shots were filmed. Now the sound recording is nearly over.


Film shooting photogallery