Nevzorov Haute Ecole Equine Anthology is translated into the French

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer la sortie officielle d”une version francaise de notre magazine “Nevzorov Haute Ecole Equine Anthology”.

French language was the main language of the School since the time of the School’s foundation. This language sounded in the arches of maneges in Paris. It was the language of the main School books, it became the basis of manege terminology. The necessity of understanding this terminology and the importance of accurate and serious study of the books of Old Haute Ecole always turns modern masters back to the French language.

«The natural awe before the main language of the Old School, the respect towards the traditions and the origins plays a major role in popularity of the French language among the NHE students – explains the chief editor assistant of NHEEA magazine Stasiya Zolotova. – And although now the most important School texts are written in Russian, we are glad to announce that from now on our international publication NHEEA will be published not only in English, but in the language of Pluvinel and Arnolfini also. It is the great possibility for our French friends to study School texts with full concentration not distracting to translate them».


NHEEA Vol.1, 2010 – FRENCH:
– Traite sur la monture d’Ecole. Partie I. Un homme sur le dos
– Crushing out. Choc – Un jour a l’hippodrome
– Sports Equestres: les secrets de l’art. Partie I. Choc neuro-cranien
– Cartularium (Photos et descriptions de mors datant d’entre le IIIeme et Veme siecle avant J-C)
– Colloquium: Nevzorov Haute Ecole: Prestigieuse et Inegalable
и другие материалы.

Editorial staff and School thank students NHE Marie Duizidou and Cloe Lacroix officially for brilliant and thoughtful translation of very nonsimple and very important materials of Magazine into the French language.