The Channel One Russia announces the broadcasting of «L.E.P.» film.

The Public relations department of the Channel One Russia had officially announced that the new film by Alexander Nevzorov «L.E.P.» would be broadcasted soon.

Although the date and the time of the broadcasting are not announced yet, press-release unveils some details of the filming and lets the audience know what this film is about.

“This film is a screening of the famous Einstein quote: «A mind which had once expanded the boundaries of knowledge will never return into its old scope”, so says Alexander Nevzorov. “This film is about the possibilities of the human intellect, the one which made understanding that the intellect is not only human exclusive property possible. A mind is a property of the number of mammals. And if there is someone left who doubts this, they’ve got to change their mindset».

the photo taken by Alina Nos