NHE is proud to present the talented student Tatiana and her horse Nora

This is a video of the talented students Tatiana and her horse Nora during a manège reading lesson known in the NHE School as Lectio Equaria Palaestra (LEP)


LEP is for the human, who needs to learn how to teach this way. Firstly, it teaches us to communicate with a horse without raised voice or touch cues. Secondly, it teaches us to respect a horse and to understand what an interesting and intelligent being she is. Thirdly, it allows the horse to understand that the human has an intellect, though a strange one: “It is the big mistake to be sure that a horse knows that a human is intelligent. One big and stupid mistake. A horse doesn’t know! It is a human who ought to prove it. To prove that there is logic and sense in his actions, that there is some meaning in the sounds he emits, that he is not dangerous.” Alexander Nevzorov.

This video of Tatiana and Nora proved that Alexander Nevzorov is not the only one capable of achieving such marvelous results.

More information on LEP can be found in the NHE Anthology volume 8  and the movie.