The Equine Sciences Academy presents

The Whole Horse Symposium – Mind, Body and Spirit
Oct 15-16, 2011, Lake St. Louis, MO, United States
Come and learn how every part of your horse and his environment is inextricably connected to every other.  Perhaps that hock problem is really a diet issue, or his toe dragging is really a dental issue.  More often than not we are seeing and treating the symptom, instead of finding and addressing the cause.
Take this rare opportunity to see and hear top equine professionals in many disciplines help tie it all together for you in a “whole horse” and holistic way.  Topics include Dentistry, Body work, Hoof function, Vets on hoofcare, Modern Nutrition, Grass-Laminitis-Forage, Behavior Based Horsekeeping, Stress and its effects, Holistic Vet Care, and more. 

Enjoy two full days of presentations and demos, and then for those who want more, choose one of the in-depth, full day clinics following the event.  Seating will be limited so register early.