The Sixth International Hippology Workshop

On July 24-25 , 2010 St. Petersburg hosted the  Sixth International Nevzorov Haute Ecole Hippology Workshop Scientific Program.
The workshop covered a wide range of areas directly related to the School study subjects.

The reports included an analysis, including a retrospective view of traditional science ( philology , morphology , anatomy , psychology and neurophysiology ) on a number of issues to be discussed through the NHE prism of research, were management issues like emergency treatments for horses, methods of prevention and clinical diagnosis of various pathologies.
The forum participants also demonstrated unique photo and video materials , the results of practical training and research from the representatives of NHE School , directly involved in the Manege practice LEP ( A. Nevzorov, E. Aralbayeva , T. Time , and others)
By decision of the Organizing Committee , none of the reports will be open for publication.
Special guests of the seminar were Head of Normal Anatomy Department of the Kirov Military Medical Academy professor I. Gajvoronsky, artist N. Kopeikin , composer J. Vitta , sound engineer M. Pavlov , actor A. Ivankovich .
With the support of I. Gaivoronsky and G. Nichiporuk, participants visited the museum at the Department of Anatomy of the Medical Military Academy, and were guided with commentaries and explanations of leading Russian anatomists.