The fifth issue of “NHE Equine Anthology” is ready.

NHE press-centre announces that the fifth issue of “NHE Equine Anthology” is ready.

Among the articles in this issue, there are:

Natascha Smargiassi

The official NHE representative in Switzerland Natascha Smargiassi  lives with her three horses in the town of Giubiasco in the Canton Ticino in the southern part of Switzerland where the language and culture is Italian. Natascha is one of the most action-oriented and successful members of the Horse Revolution.

“The Horse Crucified and Risen” by Alexander Nevzorov. Chapter two. Equestrianism

The second chapter of the long-awaited book by Alexander Nevzorov.

Cartularium. The “Chardon” curb

This curb was mentioned in the “Horse Encyclopedia” though it deserves a separate and very thorough description as it is an absolute rarity and convincing proof of the complexities of hippological history, reflecting the purposeful movement of “preschool” equine Europe which pursued the development of pain inflicting properties of bits in order to achieve at least some control over the horse.

Reviews. Linda Tellington – A Tin Can

A very popular book “Getting in TTouch: Understand and Influence Your Horse’s Personality” is reviewed by Alexander Nevzorov. Readers will learn what Frederico Grisone and Linda Tellington Jones have in common, and what the main secret of the TTEAM method is.


Interview with the Norwegian Dan Guerrera, one of the world’s most famous ungulologists became a “horse person” quite late in life. He has a gift not only to see hoof problems and to understand ways of solving them, but also the talent to communicate well with different people. Quite quickly Dan became a successful practitioner and a good teacher. He teaches his students to be professional ungulologists and to horse-owners he conveys how much depends on them since they see their horses every day while the trimmer comes and goes…

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