NHE International Photography Contest

The administration of the NHE website will be holding an international photography contest in the new genre of documentary photography called “Unmasking equestrian sport”.

The photocontest will be held by the «Horse Revolution» with support of Nevzorov Haute Ecole in conjunction with a project aimed at instituting criminal proceedings against equestrian sport.

We accept photographs of any kind of equestrian sport including rodeo, flat racing, driving, steeplechase, Arabian and gaited horse shows. We also accept photographs of bad housing conditions and of abusive treatment outside of the sport contests.

The photocontest will contain different divisions, for professional and amateurs. Dates and other details will be given soon.

To help competitors, Nevzorov Haute Ecole is preparing a photo guide called “The cruelty of equestrian sport: types, methods, and the nature of the cruel treatment of horses. Documentary Photographic Evidence’’.