Coming soon the movie; LECTIO EQUARIA PALAESTRA

By Sascha Day

While the rest of the world continues to be mesmerized by Alexander Nevzorov’s school and the revelation of a horse’s ability to be taught and perform difficult school elements without pain and force, Alexander has been developing further by teaching his horses to read.

“LECTIO EQUARIA PALAESTRA is a very old School technique, by which absolutely any horse can learn to read and count quickly and easily, grasping the language of human numbers and letters, so seemingly alien to her.”

In 2010, Alexander completed production of the film by the same name as the school element, LECTIO EQUARIA PALAESTRA, or LEP, which literally translates to Manege Horse Reading.

“This film represents a screen version of famous quotation by Einstein: “Human mind which has once extended its borders can never go back to old dimensions.”

It is a film about human mind capacity which has made it clear that intelligence is not our exclusive possession. It is an attribute of many mammals. If anyone nurtures illusions of this kind they have to reshape their views.”

By his film, Alexander shows that such intelligence; an ability to conceptualize symbols and learn language is not a sole attribute of humans or primates.

The idea of a horse being able to read unearths a truth about humankind that has long been hidden. It implores to question fundamental beliefs about society and our species, about other life forms and about our dominion of the planet.

This truth promises to be deeply confronting.

But this is not the purpose of LEP.

The practice of LEP, the education of a horse to read is not to prove a horse’s intelligence but to show to a horse that a human is somehow worth mentioning.
“While studying LECTIO EQUARIA PALAESTRA with a horse, a human proves to the horse his intelligence and gradually strives so that the sounds he emits would no longer seem to the horse the same as the cow’s moo or the grasshopper’s chirps sound to a human.”

“During the LECTIO EQUARIA PALAESTRA lessons, a horse for the first time finds out that there are systems, logic, connections and information in the things a human is doing, that a human has, however humorous, an intellect.”

“The intellectual faculties of a horse are completely incredible. It is noteworthy that in the alliance, which is necessary for the successful practice of LECTIO EQUARIA PALAESTRA one must have a horse who demonstrates the capability to comprehend the language of another species. A human cannot yet even guess what the horse’s language really is and how it sounds.”

Alexander again has raised the bar on human perception of horse capability. His works will always challenge and reveal the limited and incorrect notions of people towards horses.

The movie LECTIO EQUARIA PALAESTRA will be available soon ( English sub-titles)