2013 NHE International Seminar


The 2013 NHE International Seminar will be held the weekend of September 20-22  in beautiful Quebec, Canada.
NHE Senior Representative and author of ”Beyond The Dream Horse” Michael Bevilacqua, will be giving the seminar with guest speaker and Dean of the Online School, Cloé Lacroix.
A private weekend to focus on a unique approach and insight about how to bring the relationship to a new level, develop willingness, thinking, understanding in the horse and to enrich ourselves. Discover the simplicity of what seems so elusive.
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International School of NHE Holds Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA February 15-17, 2013



Students from across Canada and the US gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada to conduct the first NHE Symposium outside Russia. Among those in attendance was NHE School member and film maker of Path of the Horse, Stormy May, who also generously video recorded the presentations.

The program, which also included visits to “Bodies: The Exhibition” and to Red Rock Canyon Interpretative Association, focused on self development and scientific inquiry which define the NHE School curriculum.

Billed as an educational and social gathering for NHE School and Horse Revolution members the symposium proved to be a confluence of enthusiasm, talent, skill and confidence in the wisdom and enlightened teaching of Alexander and Lydia Nevzorov. Over the course of four days each student shared her knowledge, potential, humility and faith that the School will continue to grow, influence and guide truth seekers.

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NHE welcome new representatives


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Donna Condrey-Miller as NHE representative of California, David Castro as NHE representative of Argentina and Sascha Day as NHE representative of Australia.

NHE Publishing


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Iron: Antique Bits, Spurs and Stirrups from the Nevzorov Haute Ecole Collection

In Iron: Antique Bits, Stirrups and Spurs, acclaimed author, filmmaker and horseman, Alexander Nevzorov emphasizes the historic fate of horses and their relationship with man by sharing some of the rare and specialty items of metal horse equipment, along with more common examples, from his personal collection. Nevzorov continues to bring awareness to horse lovers, here accompanied by richly detailed color photographs of artfully designed and decorated bits, stirrups and spurs from the ancient time of their invention through the advent of Haute École and into modern times. He chronicles the evolution of equestrian techniques in each age belying the beauty and craftsmanship of these objects with his standard eloquence and sharp wit. This highly informative book invites us to look beyond the aesthetics of decorative art and view this retrospective collection as a guide to how we should choose to approach horsemanship now and in the future. It is a valuable study tool for anyone interested in a thorough hippological education. Since 2004 Alexander Nevzorov has been successfully advising students through the NHE School to leave bits and spurs as relics of the past and pursue outstanding relationships with horses at liberty. Through a substantial résumé of articles, books and films he expertly uses history, science and his own experience with horses to educate and inspire.

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The Horse Revolution is Spreading Fast


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“Tractate on a School Mount”


Nevzorov Haute Ecole is delighted to  announce that the new book by Alexander Nevzorov, “Tractate on a School Mountis now  available in English. To obtain the book visit our shop  http://www.horse-revolution.com/

When a man appears  on the back of a horse, he takes some sort of a position, and this position has its own features. This position is called a “seat.” It is believed that there are many different types of “seats.” Special seats for show-jumping, for trail riding, for bullfighting and so on and so  forth. To put it mildly, that’s not true. There are not many different types of seats; there are a great number of perversions on the topic of “seat.” There are too many of them, and unfortunately all of them are factors that lead to “uncomfortable and then painful sensations” for the       horse. If you put any man on a horse without a saddle, you will always get approximately the same seat. It can vary a bit due to some anatomical peculiarities of the individual man or horse, but its principle will stay the same. It will be a very deep seat with absolutely relaxed leg, with the toes pulled down and out a bit with fixed thighs. This will be the most natural seat.