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NHE in 35 Countries

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Since 2005 the School of Nevzorov Haute École and the Horse Revolution has grown to have students enrolled from every corner of the world. From New Zealand to South America, from Europe to the United States and Canada, from Australia to South Africa, including Taiwan, more than 35 countries are represented. Nevzorov Haute École couldn’t be prouder of the diversity of its student body. No matter where they live, the NHE members study everything about horses and examine the horse on  its terms.  Behavior, physiology, anatomy , biomechanics, neurology  and more are explored in depth in honor of horses as individual beings and as a way to clearly show that intelligence and deep emotion are not only human attributes, but the birthright of horses and other non-human species.

NHE Seminar in California October 18-20, 2013

Friday, July 12th, 2013
NHE Representative in California Donna Condrey-Miller presents a weekend of  Nevzorov Haute Ecole in Oroville, CA, focusing on the foundation principles and the avenues of potential within this liberated and grounded model of relationship between humans and horses. Whether you are an established student of NHE or just beginning to explore alternatives to conventional horsemanship this seminar is an opportunity to expand your knowledge, deepen your understanding of NHE and connect in person to a spirited community of learning and support.
For more information and registration details please contact: Donna Condrey-Miller at

2013 NHE International Seminar

Friday, May 24th, 2013

The 2013 NHE International Seminar will be held the weekend of September 20-22  in beautiful Quebec, Canada.
NHE Senior Representative and author of ”Beyond The Dream Horse” Michael Bevilacqua, will be giving the seminar with guest speaker and Dean of the Online School, Cloé Lacroix.
A private weekend to focus on a unique approach and insight about how to bring the relationship to a new level, develop willingness, thinking, understanding in the horse and to enrich ourselves. Discover the simplicity of what seems so elusive.
For more info visit Beyond The Dream Horse


International School of NHE Holds Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA February 15-17, 2013

Monday, March 4th, 2013


Students from across Canada and the US gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada to conduct the first NHE Symposium outside Russia. Among those in attendance was NHE School member and film maker of Path of the Horse, Stormy May, who also generously video recorded the presentations.

The program, which also included visits to “Bodies: The Exhibition” and to Red Rock Canyon Interpretative Association, focused on self development and scientific inquiry which define the NHE School curriculum.

Billed as an educational and social gathering for NHE School and Horse Revolution members the symposium proved to be a confluence of enthusiasm, talent, skill and confidence in the wisdom and enlightened teaching of Alexander and Lydia Nevzorov. Over the course of four days each student shared her knowledge, potential, humility and faith that the School will continue to grow, influence and guide truth seekers.


NHE welcome new representatives

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Donna Condrey-Miller as NHE representative of California, David Castro as NHE representative of Argentina and Sascha Day as NHE representative of Australia.

Nevzorov Haute Ecole Seventh International School Meeting, 17-18 September 2011

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

The Nevzorov Haute Ecole Seventh International School Meeting, also known as Hippological Seminar VII, took place in St. Petersburg September 17-18, 2011

Special guests and speakers at the annual seminar were Prof. I. V. Gajvoronsky – Head of the Department of Normal Anatomy of the Kirov Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg; paleontologist Igor Pakhomov, and famous actors Anwar Libabov and Victor Solovyev of the mime-clown-theater “Litsedei” .

Discussions and presentations included the subtleties of horse management practices, manege reading -LEP, a summation of the staggering results from the study of injuries from equestrian sports in children and youths and the physiological evidence against the use of standard methods of horse management

Information that goes far beyond the traditional NHE realm of the horse was also addressed at the conference. Alexander Nevzorov advises his students to study science in context of history and persons of the time so attention is given to biographical and historical reports as well, this year including one about the life and work of Charles Darwin.

Some lectures took place at the exhibition complex “Tolstoy Square” where an exhibit called “The Human Body”: The Dead who Teach the Living curated by Mr. Nevzorov, has been on display for about a year. Students heard comments by Professor Gaivoronsky as he led a tour through the anatomical exhibit.  Igor Pakhomov provided his insight and thoughts on trilobites.  Discussions went on to describe methods for preparing osteological specimens and the development of the first bilateral animals and brain anatomy to name a few. An evolutionary look at linguistics addressed the semantics and etymology of the Russian Language.

In keeping with the evolutionary theme Alexander Nevzorov delivered the inspirational keynote lecture regarding his upcoming book, the “Origin of Intellect”.  This work promises to shake up the current standards of the scientific community as the author delves into the still ongoing evolution of man and reveals that the direction of the species is still wide open.

The seminar’s very full and diverse, yet interrelated program managed to squeeze in one more topic with a segment on the art of speech and stage craft by Libabov and Solovyev. The Leiken-Club Café, run by the Litsedei troupe hosted the seminar.

According to the decision of the Organizing Committee of the Seminar materials are not available to the public.

Supreme Master TV ”Russia’s World Famous Humane Horse Training”

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

In this interview Alexander Nevzorov explains how vegetarianism refined and instructed the work of Haute École and talks about the art of manege reading ”Lectio Equaria Palaestra”.

NHE Representative Maurizio Patti in France

Friday, May 20th, 2011

In April 2011 we had the first Nevzorov Haute Ecole workshop in France and it represents a great start towards understanding horses rights and welfare. It took place at Haras Picard du Sant – Lasserre – France a unique place that combined real nature in every aspect and the profound philosophy of NHE.


NHE International Seminar Oct 2011 Québec, Canada

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

The 2011 NHE International Seminar will be held the weekend of October 1-2 at Mont-Habitant in beautiful St-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada.
NHE Senior Representative, Michael Bevilacqua, will be giving the seminar with guest speaker and Dean of the Online School, Cloé Lacroix. Demonstrations and hands-on practice with horses is just a few minutes away.

A private weekend to focus on a unique approach and insight about how to bring the relationship to a new level, develop willingness, thinking, understanding in the horse and to enrich ourselves. Discover the simplicity of what seems so elusive.
To get an idea of how a weekend looks see a summary Article from last year’s International Seminar.

More info at

Webpage of some NHE representatives

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

 The representatives of Sweden and Denmark are putting their knowledge together to put forth the first Swedish NHE workshop.  Representative Lovisa Nilsson has recently published her webpage for easy access to information about events and workshops in Sweden.

Also worth highlighting right now is Natascha Smargiassi, Horse Revolution Representative in Switzerland and her webpage for Ipsi-E has been up and running for quite a while. Her work for the Horse Revolution is well known in Switzerland.

Fred Ivar Falck Husum, NHE Representative in Norway. Fred and his beautiful Frisian horses have mesmerized people all over the world.

With the success of recent workshops, featuring Italian representative Maurizio Patti, Sascha Day has just published a NHE webpage in Australia.  A webpage presenting easy access to news, films and workshops.