The cruelty of equestrian sport. Documentary photographic evidence

This 71 pages Atlas contains photographs of what champions and masters of sports do.

As you look through this small collection of typical photographs of equestrian sport and other human activities which involve horses, you could consider where does the greatest human cruelty and dishonesty come from. And you probably would answer that it is the «iron» in the horse’s mouth.

But this wouldn’t be completely true. Look closely at these photographs: at the faces of the horses writhing with pain and fear, at their tormented eyes, at their bodies blasting with muscular strain, at their mouths and legs pouring with foaming saliva and sweat. Look at the human faces disfigured with anger and fear.

Try to ask yourself honestly:

  • Why humans do these kinds of things to creatures who think and feel as much as humans do? 
  • What is the purpose of this now, in the 21 st century, when savagery should belong to the past?

We will give you an answer at the end of this atlas of cruelty. And now – look and consider… There is a great myth of sportsmen that says that all of these photos are trivial and that there are no such things in real equestrian sport. But its not true. This Atlas contains photographs of what champions and masters of sports do. All the photographs here are typical and you can easily verify it if you’ll visit any equestrian event with your own camera. None of these photos were processed via Photoshop. They are all true facts. 

You can use the photos anyway you want, but please leave the HR and NHE copyright information.