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Two new parts at the Photogallery: "August 2007. Night" and "August 2007. Sunrise".


New photos in the "Horrors of equestrian sport" gallery. Russia, season of the competitions-2007. Parts 1, 2 and 3.


A lot of new pictures were added to the Photogallery.

25.05.2007: Building a Paradise: Setting New Standards with Nevzorov Haute Ecole

The new article by Michael Bevilacqua is published in Natural Horse Magazine.

03.05.2007: Graveyard in RC "KOMAROVO".

It has been declared that behind an indoor arena of the most prestige and expensive riding club of Saint Petersburg "Komarovo" the management originated a graveyard, burying bodies of horses killed by the equestrian sport in pits in the ground and simply buried them with a bulldozer. All these unlawful and disgusting activities have been done without putting to notice neither owners of buried horses nor vet and nature control organizations.  More >>

26.04.2007: Amazing victory for horses in Israel

The Supreme Court in Israel ruled against allowing racing in Israel on the grounds that it is cruel, also gambling is against the Jewish religion. More >>

26.04.2007: Anti-sport clinic in Croatia

Martina Jurisa`s  clinic took place on 10th February 2007 at the very famous horsebreading facility named Visnjica at the east of Croatia. More >>

18.04.2007: Redefining the bond: setting free the spirit within

The article by Michael Bevilacqua is published in Natural Horse Magazine.

13.03.2007: Nevzorov Haute Ecole. Let's make it clear.

Please pay your attention to this link:

There you will find explanation of NHE in comparison with different sides and directions of the modern horses world.

03.03.2007: Alexander Nevzorov. Le phénomène russe

Nevzorov`s interview was published in France (Cheval Attitude, #7-2007). More >>

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