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Horse Revolution / The Horrors of Equestrian Sport (Photogallery)

Graveyard in RC "KOMAROVO". May 2007

It has been declared that behind an indoor arena of the most prestige and expensive riding club of Saint Petersburg "Komarovo" the management originated a graveyard, burying bodies of horses killed by the equestrian sport in pits in the ground and simply buried them with a bulldozer. All these unlawful and disgusting activities have been done without putting to notice neither owners of buried horses nor vet and nature control organizations.

On the example of RC "Komarovo" is clearly visible the principal attitude of "horse riders" to a horse as to a sport gear which should be thrown out to the garbage pit when broken. Horrible stabling conditions, brutality, and savagery cruelty of horse riders create very high rates of death of horses. Nevertheless RC "Komarovo" is positioning itself as "international club", "elite club" etc. Stabling at RC "Komarovo" costs about 500 USD a month.

Graveyard was unsealed on 2nd of May, horse bodies were partly removed. All of them were young horses that died of typical consequences of equine sports, traumas and diseases.

Authorities of Veterinary control were informed.

Nevzorov Haute Ecole Press Service, May 02, 2007.


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