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Kaogi was born from the sire Ararat and the dam Dynasia in the same village of Lezie, he is a Russian Riding horse. I cannot tell you here everything about Kaogi. It’s a long and beautiful story.

I think I cannot write here anything better than what was written in Nevzorov’s book

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“… It’s morning. A huge, high-vaulting training manege. The morning sun is casting its light upon gothic arches of the walls and stained-glass windows. In the window openings some manege thick bill sparrows sit quiet. A black four year old stallion is standing in front of me. Thin, with a long mane, fiery and ready equally to fall in love or began to hate. He is very fussy, very agitated due not to his nature or character, but to some delicate circumstances that are typical for his extremely young age.”

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