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  • Michael Bevilacqua
    Michael Bevilacqua, NHE representative in Canada and USA.

  • Barefoot-Saddle
    Intenet-shop in Norway that sells treeless saddles, bitless bridles, books and videos, and some outdoor wears and equipment. The site owner's goal is to sell stuff he considers is for the benefit of the horse.

  • Australian Rep & Associate Clinician for The Bitle

  • Natural horse and Natural trimming
    It is about the Natural horse and Natural trimming etc. The site owners can teach people how to find that elusive 'sound' horse in mind, body and spirit through natural horsekeeping/feeding/trimming..etc. Cure and prevent lameness and behavior problems.

  • Cecilia.
    Our friend and follower of Nevzorov Haute Ecole from Sweden. Barefoot and bitless, trailriding business, webshop.

  • Strasser hoofcare world wide
    "Strasser" Webseiten: Deutschland/Österreich

  • Verband der Hufpfleger und Hufheilpraktiker nach D

    Website von Peter Speckmaier, IfH, Abt. Ausbildung und Seminare. Hufheilpraktiker und Chiron-Lehrer.Infos zu Ausbildung, Hufseminare, Darstellung Hufmechanismus.

    Australien Strasser Hoofcare Website.

    The Horses Hoof Magazin edited by Yvonne Welz.

    Australien Equine Barefoot Movement Inc.

    Canadian Strasser Hoofcare Website.

    Institute of barefoot equine management. England.

    Website of animal rights movement in Lithuania.

  • AnimalWelfare
    A repository of constantly updated and revised horse care and management articles that strongly emphasise horse welfare.

  • Equine Bare Hoof Care
    Advanced Hoofcare Education and Lameness Rehabilitation. Our friends from Australia

  • Natural Horse World
    Cynthia Cooper

  • Equine Sciences Academy
    The purpose of the Equine Sciences Academy is to educate students in all key aspects of the care and custody of domesticated equines based on study of the life way of the wild horse. The ESA looks to the life way of the wild horse as the model for equine health and soundness because equines, or any creatures that are kept in a manner that is consistent with their nature will fare far better in a domestic environment than those that are kept in ways alien to their physiology. The ESA does not believe horses exist solely to serve mankind. We believe the partnership between human and horse is a privilege and a trust that must not be violated.

  • The Path of the Horse
    NHE is very pleased to present "The Path of the Horse" by Stormy May.
    We would like to thank Stormy May for her wonderful work for horses. We are very happy, we are very proud. Thank you very much Stormy May... you have touched the hearts of many horse people already.

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