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Friends / FEEDBACK

Thank you for the nicest lesson!

Dear Gentle Russian Comrades!

Upon visiting your website, I feel oblidge to thank you cordially discovering People so respectful to the Horses!

I'm a Greek, 54 years old, following thw discipline of traditional Horseback Archery, the only in my country exersising this art. When I was starting to ride, six years before, I had in my mind to respect the personality of the Horses I was riding, especially under the bitter conditions of Horse riding in present-day Greece where the Horse is opposing like a bike! I never use spurs, I never used a whip thinking that these two customs of mine are my best Horse-riding achievements.

Often protesting against the mistreating of Horses and changing trainers and clubs, finally (since three years) I'm so happy to join the club of a very horsie Trainer from South-Africa keeping the most happier Horses ever seen in Greece! My Trainer (of German origin) collected his Horses from ...garbages where other ...human-beings decided to abandon them when they thought that these Horses offered all they had! Meanwhile, I have visit many clubs in Hungary, Poland, Germany, Italy and Austria riding there and meeting a lot of nice Trainers with a very human attitude towards the Horses. The main of them, my introducer to the Horseback Archery, Kassai Lajos, the Hungarian Master who offered me the opportunity to ride without brid and iron-hoofs, even without saddle, something very rare in my country.

I'm against races, fighting especially the Hippodrome-barbarism, and always I'm asking my Horse to accept me and cooperate with me without violating his own will. Over all I reject any form of "competition" where the cup counts and not the respect to the Horse.

Studying very carefully your excellent website and watching the pictures you have I understood so many things concerning the real humanistic treatment of a Horse during his/her training. So, please accept my gratefulness for the lesson you offered me surfing your web-pages!

With my kindest regards!

Aristotle Hercules Kalentzis

Athens - Greece


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