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Howdy Lidia,

I am from Texas and was looking through your gallery of photos. You have done a wonderful job. The pictures of the horses are incredible. You are quite intelligent and a very beautiful woman too. That is a wonderful combination. Good luck in the future. If you ever come to the U.S. soon, please visit Texas and I will be glad to show you around.

Best regards,
Robert Duke

December 02, 2005

* * * * *

First I would like to tell you that the website and photographs are very well done.
Very impressive. However it has confused many horse people in the USA , maybe they just
are reading the pages incorrectly. I for one enjoyed your site and the knowledge gained.

Robin Cochran

* * * * *


On this site I was impressed by this russian ecuyer doing piaffe without
bridle and havinga horse collected....

I had already seen Madame Henriquet do this but she had a halter, while he
had only the rope around the chest (no influence on the horse?s front end

My question may seem stupid and too broad but how do we managed to get that

* * * * *

Dear Lidia,

I was introduced to your website by friends on a horse training mailing list in the USA. I've enjoyed looking at it and have to compliment your on your beautiful photography! You are certainly both talented and practiced. It's difficult, especially, to catch light just right on a black horse, and you've done that as well as capture the highlights on the sorrel, too.


* * * * *

Hello Lidia,

I have been perusing your website, and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the photogallery. Spectacular!

I live on a 13 acre place, located on the flat prairie region of south-central North Dakota. Married, with 3 children, and a job in town 25 miles away, my time is spent caring for my human family, equine family and other critters, and my money paying job so that I can support the above mentioned. J My equines are a lovely Arabian mare, somewhere around 30 years of age, who we rescued from a dire situation 5 years ago. Her name is Gypsy, and she is just lovely, teaching my children much. Gypsy is missing 7 teeth, and requires a great deal of special feeding and care, but is well worth every bit of it. When I brought her home, neighbors said she would never make it. Her eyes told me different, and the help of a knowledgable veterinarian was key in getting Gypsy better. Gyspy was a diamond in the rough, and her inner and outer beauty shine. Age is making it more difficult to keep weight on her now, even with her special feeds. I shall continue to do everything possible for this lovely mare, and her forever home is with us. Sweets is my grade Appaloosa mare. She is 11, and I got her when she was 4. She had come from a bucking sale to a friend of my husband's, and I got her from him. Sweets has the old-style Indian Appaloosa look and build, and is the most honest, hard-working horse I have ever met. She has faithfully carried me many miles, and I adore her. Cascading Windsong, my 3 and a half year old Spanish Mustang---she is as challenging as she is beautiful. Like a teenage child wanting to be all grown up and still be a child at the same time, inner turmoil seems to take hold of this horse. She had a terrible start in life, at the hands of an ignorant, foolish, and abusive girl, and I believe there are emotional scars imprinted in Windsong's head, coupled with her strong mustang instincts. She can be the sweetest horse, LOVES attention from her peoples, yet she can also have a streak of.........almost times. She has bonded well with me, likes to put her head under my arm and stand at peace. However, she does push and has respect issues at times when her way is not gotten. This is what I am unsure how to deal with. I see a horse that wants to please, yet from her early past, learned to fight. Most of the time, she is well-behaved, but we must attain that all of the time. I must find a way. I do not feel that I have the knowledge to teach her, yet nor do I want her to be mis-handled. I have heard of a trainer an hour from where I live---watched him work with a horse one evening. He uses Parelli techniques, and this coming spring I am hoping to have him come and visit and listen to his ideas.

I would love to share some pictures with you, if you would care to see them. I don't mean to just ramble and take up your time, but your website struck such a chord with me, I felt the need to talk to you.

I am fascinated by how you train-teach-your horses their movements. What wonderful creatures they are.


November 30, 2005


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