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Anti-sport clinic in Croatia. 10 February 2007

This clinic took place on 10th February 2007 at the very famous horsebreading facility named Visnjica at the east of Croatia. The clinic was for free and was attained by cca 75 people. Martina Jurisa's 3 hours' presentation had 3 parts:

  1. The first part was mostly based on the Dr. Cook's book "Metal in the Mouth" with a lot of photos as an ilustration for the facts written in the book and shown at the presentation.
    It was quite amusing to watch so many shocked faces in such a small room!
  2. The other part of lecture was the description of the development of different sorts of bitless bridles through centuries (including Hackamores, Sidepulls and Bozals and the influence they make on the horse) and at the end: the principles of the dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle (how it works...)
  3. The third part was about Nevzorov Haute Ecole, about the Nevzorov's horses, students and goals (i.e. the comunication based on thrust and happiness and not on domination) as well as about Horse Revolution.

Martina's goal was to show people what a bit is doing to the horses all around the world, how it is used to control horses causng them a lot of pain as well as fear, afterwards she wanted to show them that there is another way i.e. not using a bit without loosing a control, and at the end, Martina wanted to show them that it is possible to develop a friendship based on mutual respect and comunication and not on domination with unbelivable results and happy horses that were not humiliated or hurt in any way.

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