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[24] What have people to learn about horses all the time!

Thank you, so much!!! What have people to learn about horses all the time! What a great symbiose between you and your horses. Everyone, how loves this beautifull animals, must be have seized by your greatfull photos! I will try to take the bit away, to make my horse a better friend to me, thats my project, because i love my horse! Love to all the horseman in the world and my deep admiration to them. - a horse without a rider is still a horse, a rider without a horse is only a human. (sorry for my horrible english!)


[23] I admire all that you have done and what you still do for horses...

I admire all that you have done and what you still do for horses. It is really inspiering and it brings a hope for all those tortured animals involved in "equestrian sport".

Concerning the Horse Revolution - put a link for donations on your wonderfull website, I am sure that a lot of people from other countries and continents would like to contribute financialy to your great efforts.

Kindest regards,


[22] For sure it is a good way


I have seen your website starting from the horrible photos from the racetracks, which friend linked to me. It is really traumatic to see them, especially because as soon in one month I will be a proud owner of one of these horses, that had to leave racetrack because they have been injured, or because they just didn't have "heart to race"; which means that the training was not psychologically appropriate to them...

I know that this horse could have experienced such accidents, but I am hoping to bring it to the "bright side" where it can rediscover the harmony with a rider.

I don't know, if my results will be so wonderful as you show on the photos from training with Alexander Nevzorov, but for sure it is a good way :)

I wish you a good work with horses!

Anna Juchnowicz

[21] Wonderful to discover Haute Ecole

Hello Lidia,

I have just discovered your web site and I must say, I totally agree with all you say. I also admire your beautiful photos - I used to photograph horses for a living but now teach people how to care for and train their horses more naturally.

Alexander's methods intrigue me and I'd love to read his book so am going to search for it. Is the Horse Encyclopedia film for sale anywhere? I used to be a Parelli instructor for 7 years but have been independant now for 3 years and am finding softer and better ways to communicate with horses - with 'thought' ormind picturesfor instance. I am promoting 'metal free' horses - no bits, no shoes, no fixed treed saddles and am also designing a saddle.

As you will see from my web site (below) I promote all that is natural for the horse. I would love to learn more from your school so can you please give me information on how this works. Many thanks and best wishes for your cause.

Cynthia Cooper- Horsemanship Naturally


[20] Keep doing this...

Alexander and Lidia.

I just wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job with the horses.

I have never seen people have so magic connecting with a horse before. It's beautiful to see. You are amazing.

Keep doing this and let other people see witch magic a human can make with this beutiful animals. I have a horse myself and should really been thankful if I had youmagic with horses...

Heidi Granholt

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