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Ask your question

The NHE School Members answer the most popular newcomers` questions.

[18] Does Alexander Nevzorov teach Haute Ecole works hops in other parts of the world?

No, sorry,

but we are going to issue educational films  soon. 

[17] What is the difference between Nevzorov Haute Ecole and the other schools?

That’s exactly what Alexander Nevzorov said: “Anything that is done with a help of bit, is not for school, it doesn’t interest us. The elements that are done with the help of bit always have a pain and annoyance to it, or/and submission to it. Laboured movements of dressage horses on all sorts of competitions or in classic schools in Europe can deceive only an outsider. An expert can easily see that ultimate cruelty of the bit in the mouth and use of stick. There isn’t a single dressage horse that was schooled without the pain, beating and a bridle with a bit. Its no use to hide and to discuss it. To deny an influence of pain to biomechanics is very silly. Therefore dressage movements, elements consist of a minimum of more or less natural horse movements and a lot of pain. The new HAUTE ECOLE is a clarification of how one or another element looks in its natural appearance. Clarification of how the horse offers it. The way it looks without any pain. Now, lets think, how much time, a horse can feel comfortable or painless in collection? How the legs will rise during piaffe or a Spanish trot without a bit and punishment? Today’s Nevzorov Haute Ecole is the deepest investigation of natural biomechanics, clarification of horse possibilities and desire. It is clear that any element that requires limited concentration of strength from a horse can only be proposed, upon a condition that a horse is absolutely free. Because of that, the school isn’t interested in sport standards. Sport standards are based on pain and they don’t develop real abilities of a horse. It is clear that I was the first, but guarantee not the last. And it is clear that the masters that will follow, will produce new, clear standards of moves and elements. Today’s reference will be forgotten. Progress is invincible. It’s simple to scream out loud, to be angry and unhappy, but to trash it is unreal".

[16] Hi Lidia! I live in Norway. Seens you do not use bits, spurs etc. I supose, you keep your horses barefoot, without ironshoes. I have kept my horse barefoot since apr. 2002. I trim his feet every 3. or 4. week my self. I use the methods of Pete Ramey(look at: www.hoofrehab.com, www.barefoothorse.com). Please, tell us how you take care of your horses hoovs. Yours sincerely Nils Arne

Dear Nils,

Surely, our horses are barefoot. We have never shoe them. They are trimmed  every 3-5 weeks by our farrier under my supervision.

[15] Are your methods accessible to everybody?

Not for everybody, but only for people who are ready to reject any cruel exploitation of the horse for their own entertaining needs. You must refuse competitions, racing and other similar humiliating activities and change your attitude towards the horse.
You must understand that the horse is not an thing and sport machine in human hands.

[14] Is the movie, Horse Encyclopaedia, available on video or DVD? I am very inspired by your site, photos and writing. I have a young mare and stallion that I have trained from long yearling up, trying various methods. I find my favorite is with no tack at all. It is more like play than training that way. Besides, the settings of your menage are lovely as well and only add to the inspiration!

Thank you for your letter Simrat!

We are going to solve this problem by making it possible to download the film from our site to your PC.

Anyway it can be possible only after demonstrating the film in Channel 1 State Russian TV (after December, 12).

[13] Interesting site. I would grateful if you would tell us which of the "Old Masters" Mr Nevzorov has studied with in his pursuit of "Haut Ecole" and for how long. Thank you in anticipation Malcolm Booth San Anselmo, California

Dear  Malcolm,

The main teachers of Mr.Nevzorov are the people who left this world long ago.

Although, Alexander took lessons from masters throughout the world including famous classical dressage trainers from SRS .

I can not name anybody exactly, because we do not follow any masters' tradition and because we can not say the good about their methods and in the same time can not permit ourselves to say the bad about them due to the respect to people who gave us the knowledge.

Except for Mario Luraschi who has played a special role in our perception of the horse.He is great horseman.

But everything we do now is completely different from all the international schools.

Our method is based not only on the accumulation of the universal knowledge of the horsemanship but mainly on our own technique, perception and experience.

We studied at many great masters in order to do everything on the contrary.

[12] well im from Argentina, i really liked this page, its beautifull, and i want to have the "horse Enciclopedia" but i dont know if it would be sell here in argentina, and if it would be in spanish. thank you a lot... this is great... i want to learn more about your way to treat horses...

Thank you very much, Sandra, and we invite you to discuss horsemanship in our Forum!

[11] Is the Horse Encyclopaedia available in English please?

Not yet. We are going to  present the book  at Leipzig Book Salon in March 2006 for the first time.

[10] They say that pillars at your manege are installed there on purpose, that you teach horses school elements using pillars and then take movies and photos without bridle. Is it truth?

Pillars are certainly were installed not by chance. They’re an attribute of any Hute Ecole manege. It’s beautiful. And we never used them in training process. Moreover we tie our horses under no circumstances: either while we brush them, when we trim them, them we trim their hooves.  Alexander grumbled many times that the pillars hinder him but he kept them as he knows that they’re the only secure isle for operators and lighters when they shoot games with horses at liberty. 

[9] The horses on the logo of your site are with metal bits, why?

The thing is that we somehow “inherited” this emblem from Old masters of Haute Ecole, who taught Alexander. It’s just a tribute to school traditions.

[8] You spent huge sums of money studying abroad. If I do not have such possibility to take lessons from the great masters, do I have a chance to achieve what youve achieved?

Yes, certainly. Alexander took lessons from Old School masters to understand everything, to make his own conclusions and to show the world another way of communicating with horse. He learnt everything to be able to do something in his own way and to teach you to do this. It’s much easier for you now because you need not going anywhere. He showed you the right way and you have all chances to succeed.

[7] Whats the difference of Haute Ecole from ordinary dressage?

It’s two incomparable things. Ordinary dressage means training and drilling, i.e. developing a  certain reflex in response to the painful effect of a spur, bit or whip. Ordinary dressage is an extremely primitive occupation, that doesn’t require great talent or wit. Comparing Haute Ecole and sport dressage is like comparing child’s scribble and a real book.

[6] Is it possible to teach a horse to do all Nevzorovs horses do using gentle methods in work?

Remember that there is no “gentle methods” at all. There are normal ones and there are pathological ones. Using normal methods, i.e. establishing real RELATIONSHIP with a horse, keeping it from loosing its spirit and character, with no ropes, straps and metals at all and with no punishment you could achieve everything.

[5] This method is used only by Nevzorov in the whole world or therere other masters?

 He and I. No one else. This method was developed by Nevzorov personally.

[4] I know that Haute Ecole followers work with metal, so why Nevzorovs method is called Haute Ecole?

The thing is that even Haute Ecole with ‘metal’ is less inhumane, more noble and more difficult to perform that sport dressage. Nevzorov works with horses by his own method and performs  the most difficult elements of Haute Ecole using no artificial instruments, without bits and bridle. You should also point out that  thare is Haute Ecole and Nevzorov Haute Ecole.

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