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Nevzorov Haute Ecole

Sofya Demskaya - NHE official representative in Belgium

My story most probably doesn’t differ from other with noticeable originality. There are millions persons like me: a little girl fell in love with horses, once a day she managed  to persuade her father to bring her to the hippodrome, and finally her father agreed.

The name of the First Horse in her life was Fairytale. Of course, the mare, was “white”, like in childish dreams. For some reason, when the horse had been given to children for riding, their parents used to initiated into the story that Fairytale took part in the movie “Akmal’ and the Dragon”. After that, parents, smiled and were ready to meet a proposition of a polite photographer who always was there, fussing around. Certainly, this fact used to add popularity to horse-renting in the hippodrome. And not only popularity…

What the girl could not really understand is just why that sweet-kind and warm horse always hide herself in the bushes of  camel's-thorn (as the story took place in Tashkent) and used to stay there for hours instead of happily carrying the girl around. Fairytale could stay in those bushes not paying any attention to a child who, listening to “professional’s” advises, stronger and stronger basted white and velvet hips of the horse with her foots in childish gumshoes.

And when the trainer gave her an advice to hit much stronger she cried: “But she is in pain!...”

As time passed, of course they made change her mind, and since that time there had been many Horses in the girl’s life…

… They were Horses whom she will never forget, who are not alive, who left THERE, in  other life, forever weirded to carry ambitious riders and “sportsmen”. She will feel wrong which admits of no reparation. For them. Forever.

And even became an adult, for a long time I had not understood how much pain and misfortune I caused to those horses, satisfying my empty dreams. May be, I could stay in that
intoxicate ignorance for years until my wonderful friend come to visit me from Russia (I already lived in Belgium). She brought to me that movie – “Horse Encyclopedia”. To tell that the movie was shocking for me would mean telling nothing. I even did not believe… It’s unbelievable how

it is  hard to a human-being to admit its mistakes, to understand its shameful role in Horse’s life, to look at the Truth’s eyes…

To make an effort and break away from the morass which has almost eaten yourself.

Fortunately I haven’t become a completed sadist and I felt huge desire to begin everything from the clean page, to stop being an entity which I have been before equestrian “sport”, to return back that not-forgotten, clean and unselfish feeling of love and gratitude towards Horses. This desire leaded me to the School of Alexander Glebovich and Lydia, our wise teachers.

Four years have passed since that time. Many things have changed in the School. It has grown-up. Many different people were come and gone… And now those who stay are the most
kindred spirits to me. People who understand each other from a half-word, people with whom you are ready to split up your thoughts, your joy and your misfortune. You learn there, you change there and do everything to help to those people to defend The Horse from an ape-man who is get absorbed in his playing.

And, no doubt, we will win as the Science and Knowledge are at our side – the weapon which shoots to nonsense and ignorance without bad shots!

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