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Nevzorov Haute Ecole

Marie Duizidou - Nevzorov Horse Revolution official representative in France

skype: marie.duizidou 

I'll start my story by presenting my masters. Their names: Quicio and Matuso, it's been four years now they are part of my life and not one day goes by without they teach me something new. They are my true guides, calm, patient, generous, lively, expressive, free, (at least as much as a horse can be free in a world where man has now taken everything for himself), and never hesitate to say no to me when I exceed the limits. And believe me, I'm never happier than during those moments. Now I can really see the happiness in their eyes, honestly, I also read and unfortunately some negative feelings when some days are a little bad but it's usually the happiness and peace that I can see. Yes, I think I can say they are happy. Yet this has not always been the case.


Quicio, born in Portugal, has left his country when he was few months to France.... for a riding school more precisely in which he "grew up" up to his three years old in the mud, manure, surrounded by shouts, subject to beating and horror, to be purchased shortly before his fourth birthday by absolutely good people who could not resist to the distress of this little creature.

Matuso, was born in Spain, and grew up also in a atmosphere of fear ... in the most complete horror I would say since he had the privilege to live the wonderful life of bullfighting horse! But as he didn't really fit to the standard of the perfect spanish horse, he was sold to France. This beautiful little gray stallion may have thought that his sufferings were over. Unfortunately for him, no green meadows. He found instead of that, humidity of a dirty stall in which he was jailed 22 hours a day, pain, beatings, shouts, lack of food. After few weeks he became really aggressive. No one could approach him anymore. So he was ofered for sale a second time. But this time, no question for him to show any aggresivity. Castration, submission, second hope?... Second disappointment. Ten years of physical and mental torture. This is a horse who was, "in shreds", I have found and two years passed before he accept to believe in me. I wanted to believe it, I knew he could...so I waited, waited, and waited ... and one day he said yes. Our history could begin, so.

It was not easier for Quicio at the beginning, but he has anyway found some stability rather quickly and he has been there ( and he's always) every second for Matuso and to help me in my task. He felt immediatly how this horse needed help....Well, There would be so many things to say so prefer stop here. They are both two exceptional beings for whom I have a boundless love and who know now that nothing can happen to them anymore, I promised them.

What I see today with them and with each horse I meet is indescribable. But all this is very new for me, in fact, when I write this we are in 2011 and it would be unthinkable for me today to show the smallest feeling of anger, discontent, impatience toward a horse. But only a few years ago, I submitted and tortured cheerfully and without any scruples, many horses.

I think my beginnings no differ from the beginnings of millions of young riders who take every day the road every to the equestrian center for their first riding lessons. I quickly found immersed in a world that I found magic. I approached this creature for the first time and I remember being totally fascinated by her beauty. I could finally reach that dream of my fingertips. I suddenly saw myself, like in the movies and books, riding my horse, the wind in my hair, live with her the rest of my life, take care of her, love her, feed her, brush her, jumping bars with her, and take her to the his box every night......... just like in the movies. But how could I know then, that at that time, the truth may have been a light year for me. My love for this creature was stronger than everything and I was sure I was going to do everything to make her happy. Well, I was among the champions. A lot of fantastic images came to life and I found myself now in the hands of men and women giving themselves the title of professional. My dream came true and my family was so happy to be able to contribute.

I was 7 and what I was about to live would change my life, my vision of innocent life, my attitude towards other creatures of this world, but most of all, I was about to absorb and incorporate into my logic the most important principle: the superiority of the humankind against all other creatures and their duties towards me.

It is on this basis that I lived for 13 years. Evolving from a discipline to another, jumping, cross country, dressage, horse-ball, western... bringing my victims ever further beyond their limits. It is ultimately the horse show that really attracted me.

France counts great names in equestrian show, names that live since a long time now. Among them, a name is in first forever: Mario Luraschi.

Known and adored by all in the world of the horse show, stunts and film industry. Adored by all including myself of course. I vowed a genuine admiration for this man. I had only one dream: join his team. I promised myself in this right moment that I will work hard to achieve that dream. So I have evolved in different teams, in different stables with many riders, some of them being students of Mario himself. Adventurous, afraid by nothing, pain and falls didn't scare me. I wanted to become a stuntwoman. I did not hesitate to involve in the most perilous situations.

Until I almost lost my life, the day my foot caught in a stirrup, dragged by the horse for 100m. I finally managed to loosen up my foot and my horse continued his run after having kicked me with his hoof behind the head. I remember I had a dizzy ... and then... the black hole.

I woke up a few minutes later persuaded to be paralyzed but I felt all my muscles. I was alive and at that moment I knew I would never climb on the back of a horse anymore. That same day, millions of thoughts were shoved in my head. Do what I did now worth? Put my life on the line was really what I wanted? I did not know. To take my mind off things, I watched some news on the Internet, the new trends in the equestrian world, the new names, new methods, I discovered Natural Horsemanship but it didn't really attract me, and suddenly, in the updates, I see a new video described as spectacular by commentators... it's called: Nevzorov Haute Ecole Principles. My curiosity drives me to watch this video and I find images that leaves me speechless. I am unable to explain why, but I became aware in only a few moments of what I am, how I make suffer the world around me, now I can not see the joy but the sadness in the eyes of horses. I do not understand how I could do this, how I could listen to all these people without saying a word, how could I be so arrogant and merciless. Animals ware at my feet and I loved it. In only one moment all this was cleared. I felt like a real shock and I realized that what I saw at this right moment on the screen, was the only way.

So I left the world of torture to take the road of compassion, tolerance, love and truth. It was late 2007. In early 2008 I came to the school which I am now proud to belong and to which, for sure, I will remain faithful to the end. That day I decided that nothing could distract me from the true path. Now I would fight to defend and liberate this creature suffering from the cruelty of man for too long, alongside of a growing army.

With our heart, our soul and Science as an ally, I hope that humankind, one day, will change and that we'll be able to forget this horrible nightmare. I want to trust humans and tell myself that one day, we will be numerous enough to tip the balance on the right side. Only some years have passed since my life changed and I've seen great things happen yet. Human is changing, it is a reality. The truth comes out in the open now and he can not continue to hide forever. This truth is powerful, bloody, this truth is a problem, it bothers, prohibit a lot of things, and not every human will be ready to submit it. But for others, it will act as a real " click " and will pull out, this so happy, so intense intense.

Remember? How did you feel the first time your eyes met the eyes of a horse, for the first time in your life, those first few seconds? Cocentrate for a moment and try to feel these sensations again.... Ready to come back to reality now?

That's what I did when my path crossed Quicio and Matuso one. I remembered, I've looked at them, I cried and asked forgiveness on behalf of the men who had submitted them till now. Since then, a new page turned for them and for me and although I know that the road is still long and that life will not be enough to understand what needs to be understood, I know they will be there every second to guide me.

I will conclude by thanking two extraordinary people I am very happy to know in this life. Two rare souls. Lydia Alexeevna and Alexander Glebovich Nevzorov to whom I shall never cease to express my gratitude for all the knowledge they share with us, for their kindness, their generosity, their patience, their love, their time, their determination. Without them, this great revolution would not live. 

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