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The Horse Crucified and Risen Part II


The two hour film documents the ceaseless campaign by masters of Haute Ecole against the brutish ignorance and meanness to the horse, epitomised by Equestrian Sport.

Contemporary research carried out at the highest level by forensic experts and leading veterinarians provide answers to the enigmatic prophecies of the old Haute Ecole texts. "The Horse Crucified and Risen" brings to the fore, with stunning clarity, the categorical proof of the harmful nature of man's amusement; Equestrian Sport.

The inspiring story of the genius of Haute Ecole, Antoine de Pluvinel is a theme throughout the film, and Nevzorov unravels some of the cryptic messages contained in the mysterious ancient manuscripts of the Knights Templar.

Nevzorov Haute Ecole is the new way of horsemanship, based on partnership with the horse, without punishment. Its motto: "The horse is always right".

This film recounts about tragic, incredible fate of horses. About eternal ruthless and straight-out wars, which masters of Haute Ecole carry on against ignorance, meanness and bestiality concentrated in people’s pastime called Equine Sport.

Here, in “The Horse Crucified and Risen” destinies of many horses and many people get mixed up in one.

It is the first time here, in “The Horse Crucified and Risen”, when all proof of Equine Sport’s criminality are brought out so clearly and so weighty.

Here – the history of guardian angel of Haute Ecole – Antoine de Pluvinel.

Here – bright and excellent clues of somber riddles from enigmatic manuscripts of old Knights Templars…

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