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NHE Equine Anthology Vol.3, 2010

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Tractate on a School mount. Part 3. Superbia. Cordeo. Pesada.

The skill to honestly disagree with those who do not hold a School-related point of view, the skill of not even considering them to deserve any attention, not even giving any respect for, or analysis of the opposing view - is a great skill that always gives beautiful results. By the School's logic, the point of view of any opponent - is a priori considered to be idiocy. And this is very correct.”. Alexander Nevzorov continues introducing the Tractate, which is one of the official manuals of Nevzorov Haute Ecole School, to readers.

Maurizio Patti

Every single moment shared with a horse is a moment of growing and learning. We should only allow horses to teach us all there is to know”. Story by NHE Official Representative in Italy Maurizio Patti, about two marvelous students in the School: Mr. Cypro and Mrs. Lency. Who are they? Read and learn.

Equestrian Sport: "Secrets of Art. Part 2. Beatings

Strictly speaking, equestrian sport (ES) stands on two principal methods, as on two pillars. Apart from these, there are many tricks and methods, but these two pillars are the foundation for everything. Any “trick” is interchangeable with any other, any of these inconsequential “methods” can be distorted or removed from use – nothing in essence will change.” Alexander Nevzorov speaks about cordeo usage, pesades and suberbia, a mysterious psychological tool, which would be used by School masters at all times. This article is a material of Nevzorov Haute Ecole Research Center


Photos and descriptions of the "Military" and "School" spurs (XV-XVII centuries).


The Horse Crucified and Risen (Horse Encyclopaedia)” by Alexander Nevzorov

From this issue onwards, not waiting for the printed version, we have started publishing the book “The Horse Crucified and Risen (Horse Encyclopaedia)” by Alexander Nevzorov. Five years ago this book, together with the film of the same name, changed Russian readers' minds, altering forever the march of the horses’ history in the humans’ world. Now you can examine this book in English. 

Colloquium. Interview with Peter Laidely

The conversation with Australian hoof-trimmer Peter Laidely about horse health, human politeness and who will win in “hoof wars”.


"Nevzorov Haute Ecole Equine Anthology" is available  in *.pdf format for downloading through the Internet. The issue is available in the on-line store.

We recommend the Adobe Reader for reading the pdf files.


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The price discount structure is the following:
- NHE newcomers' unit members - 20%;
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- NHE School students - for free.

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