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NHE Equine Anthology Vol.1, 2009

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Tractate on a School mount. Part 1. A man on the back.

"We have a scientifically proven fact, which allows us to state that not a single horse feels pleasure from a rider being on his back. That is the sad physiological truth.   All the discussions from riders and their "feelings" about what horse experiences under the saddle - are strained feelings, self-deception, fantasies and ignorance".   Alexander Nevzorov introduces the Tractate, which is one of the official manuals of Nevzorov Haute Ecole School, to readers.

Crushing out. Anatomy of a hippodrome.

"This can (and must) happen because of the enormous overloading of the horse's organism due to the speed and panic, and also because of a tiny stumble. It is (in this particular case) the tearing of the hind limb, in the jockeys' slang, "crushing out"". The article of Sophya Spartanceva is a valuable hippological material, because it is accompanied by unique relentless documentary photographs, taken by the author on one of the central European hippodromes.

Equestrian sport: secrets of "art". Part 1. Neurocranialis shock.

"Are there any special tricks or basic methods that work which have been developed and thoroughly tested? Does their "correct" application guarantee the success in ES business? Such a set of methods does exist. ES success lies ONLY in mastering these methods, their constant improvement, and in extremely ruthless application of them". In this article, that has an official Nevzorov Haute Ecole manual status, Alexander Nevzorov scientifically proves the purpose of the primitive painful sleights that are the basis of the so-called equestrian sport; pays attention to the consistency of horse tortures; shows that pulling the mouth open, conscious sudden impact on teeth, soft issues of the mouth, on the whole nervous system of the head is not an abuse of a single sportsman or a "caught moment".


Photos and descriptions of the bits dated from the III-V centuries BC.

Colloquium. Nevzorov Haute Ecole: the highest and most unique.

"Though we would achieve the formal mutual understanding much simpler, we choose another way. Not for its difficulty or its oneness, we just can't do it otherwise.  When it becomes better not to do it at all than to do it in another way, everything will come.   Sooner or later". Alexander Nevzorov speaks about himself, his family, his School, students and horses - in the interview by Maria Sotnikova.


"Nevzorov Haute Ecole Equine Anthology" is available  in *.pdf format for downloading through the Internet.

We recommend the Adobe Reader for reading the pdf files.


Price: $5.

The price discount structure is the following:
- NHE newcomers' unit members - 20%;
- HR members - 50%;
- NHE School students - for free.

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