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Nevzorov Haute Ecole
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This Forum is for all normal people, who really want to change the situation. I invite even those, who do not have a horse. It’s obvious that the Haute Ecole is not for them now, but when they have their own horse, they will be wise enough to choose the right way... The Haute Ecole figures are the top of the iceberg. You’ll have to change yourself.

We won't force anybody to change his mind. If you have doubts, if you don't trust me or if you are sceptic with what we do, please, leave this forum. There is no need to waste your time here, you won’t understand a thing. You can't find any secrets here, because the secret is: there is no secret. I guess you believe Nevzorov: you can't have results without believing your teacher.

I really hope that you will never use the knowledges from that Forum in any kind of equestrian sport. I am sure: if you are here, you won't have an idea to share anything with sportsmen.

Lidia Nevzorova.