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Horse Revolution / The Horrors of Equestrian Sport (Photogallery)

The Sportsmen from Saint Petersburg (taken by Lidia Nevzorova)

I took these photos for only a half an hour during some competitions at Julia Rusakova Horse Sport Club. I couldn't stand it for more, it was a disgusting and bitter sight. I took these photos openly among all other photographers. I have more than five hundred photos of this kind and believe me, all these moments were not specially selected, these are the most ordinary sport methods. No one just wants to notice it.

Horses were tormented, sportsmen and their fans looked at it, laughed, drank beer and ate shashlik (meat roasted on coals)... Just another ordinary competition.

And pay attention to the fact that these photos were taken after 'Horse Encyclopaedia' had been shown on TV.


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