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Alexander Nevzorov Nezvorov Haute Ecole The Horse Crucified and Risen Lidia Nevzorova Horse Revolution Iron-Free Horse
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The Horse Crucified and Risen / Film - The Horse Crucified and Risen (Horse Encyclopaedia) by Alexander Nevzorov

15 Subtitle: Home

15.1     A.Nevzorov (on screen): One can expound with a touching hypocrisy that the best home for the horse is a prairie or steppe. Nothing of that kind. We have to be  shoved  into small flats and houses  because we feel less dangerous and warmer in them.   Of course horses would continue living in steppes and prairies but there they may face disease, death, cold, predators and so on. To protect the horses we built houses for them.

15.2      A.Nevzorov (off screen): The stables of Prince Conde in Chantilly will remain a romantic image of a horse’s home forever.

15.3        A.Nevzorov (on screen): Quietness and calmness are reigning in the stables of Prince Conde in Chantilly. If you stop and listen you will hear the squeak of bats and the pigeon call under the vaults of the stables. And here you start to realize what France conquered the people’s hearts with and what France conquered the horse with. France managed to do it with creating the cult around a horse.

15.4       A.Nevzorov (off screen): Somewhere here, under the 20-meter vaults of the old stables the heart of Prince Conde is lying. The real heart. When it stopped beating, the court physician took the heart out of the Prince’s breast according to his will. The Prince ordered to bury his heart in the stables. It’s easy to imagine the death of a passionate Prince who devoted all his life and fortune to the stables and horses. It’s  easy to imagine how the wax was pouring on the aged tiles of the floor, how the horses were snorting in the darkness when the surgeon and the valet of the Prince were searching a place for the bleeding and wrapped in a blue velvet heart. The condition of the stables nowadays is perfect. It’s worthy of remembrance the strange Prince who was in love with horses. In the museum of alive horses the old ones of any kind from all France are living the rest of their days in love and care. The school, which can not be cold the strongest one, is keeping the traditions of these old walls - the traditions of old Haute Ecole - Haute Ecole with the bit.
The best stables can undoubtedly be found in England in Warwickshire  Equine college. The real treatment of horses and order in the stables are taught here. Here a horse is thoroughly investigated in all its splendor as well as in variety of its problems - diseases and injuries. A  horse is studied from its birth to death - from the great moment when a new horse appears till the hour when a gloomy disinfector rustling his rubber coat and squelching his boots comes to the empty horsebox and  washes with steam and water the signs of its life.

15.5      A.Nevzorov (on screen): It’s Russia and here is a typical Russian stable. We are near Moscow. Only about 130 kilometers far from it. It’s quite an ordinary Russian stable.

15.6      A.Nevzorov (on screen): Generally speaking, stables can be different. There can be both amusing stables and disgusting and sick-making ones. The last category is mainly possessed by the owners of the sport horses for hire in Russian cities. As a rule in such stables there is no loo and the “horse-lovers” have to urinate in the horseboxes just under the horses’ legs. These dirty, ruined sheds are packed with horses to the full  because of the greediness of their owners – the rent of each horsebox is 200 dollars per month at least. If such stables burn most of the horses die, as it happened in Saint-Petersburg recently. However, the sportsmen of this very stable arranged a show jumping competition only several days later and just on the ashes.
What queer and incomprehensible creatures these heirs of Yahoo are!
Amusing as it may seem but real villains and sadists among the sportsmen amount to 1% only. The rest ones are either unaware of what they are doing or afraid of thinking of it. If one starts thinking it over, he will have to change himself… Because the world is changing. And along with the names of such great masters as  Parelli, Luraschy, Delgado there appeared a name of Silk Valentin - a small paralyzed woman, who, at first, dazzled thousands of people and then made them see things clearly.

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