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Alexander Nevzorov Nezvorov Haute Ecole The Horse Crucified and Risen Lidia Nevzorova Horse Revolution Iron-Free Horse
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The Horse Crucified and Risen / Film - The Horse Crucified and Risen (Horse Encyclopaedia) by Alexander Nevzorov

11 Subtitle: The Spanish walk.

11.1      A.Nevzorov (off screen): Well… The beginning, the base of everything is the Spanish walk. The history of the Spanish walk is confusing and vague. Officially, D’Nestier  is considered to be its inventor, though I’m not sure about it, that but it doesn’t matter. It’s very important that this movement is the main one which improves the horse’s suppleness. The Spanish pace gives freedom and stroke of the front legs, it impacts on an absolute stretching of a shoulder, moreover, it makes a horse well-balanced. No doubt, all these miracles happen when it is a real Spanish pace.
But these wonders don’t occur if it is the “school walk”, like it is here, or “shooting” leg or the circus pace like here. This kind of walk just mutilates a horse, cripples its joints and shoulders. It can be easily noticed. This circus walk  is produced by beating and supported by it. I would call it the disgusting imitation of the Spanish walk. When there is no a man with a whip who beats a horse, there is no walk.


11.2        A.Nevzorov (on screen): It’s easy to distinguish the real Spanish walk from the false one. The real Spanish walk is noiseless and to hear it and to realise its quality one should hold on his ear to the ground, as the real spanish walk is so easy, graceful and depicting that it is hard to hear it in this way.


11.3       A.Nevzorov (off screen): The Spanish walk allows to achieve the movements which are simple but very necessary for training like passage - the slow and very rhymthmic trot,  piaffe - the trot on the spot and ‘ter-a-ter’ – the so called 2-stroke school gallop.
Obviously, everything can be done if the horse trusts you and obeys in full. The  horse is ready to lie down by an invisible sign, to sit down, to start a very crazy or, on the contrary, a short canter, to do flying changes, to stop easily by the movement of the horseman’s body, to collect and to move under the horseman on the hind legs.
However, all this, including fetching of objects and other marvelous movements and tricks, is absolutely easy to be done and is not worth speaking in detail.
Having made a horse his property a man with all his passion started to study and  to improve the movement of the horse, creating special mechanisms and computer programs.
A man wrote thousands of books and articles, made up violent and crazy devices and inventions used to hurt a horse’s mouth and head and, as a result, to hold its head in position satisfying a man’s aesthetic standard. He invented a crazy and cruel system of training, which not improving the horse movements has already killed thousands of them. And even nowadays a man fills the horse’s mouth with bit, entangles it by kilometers of straps and strings in his desire to bring pain to the horse, entangles its head in thongs, paralyze its jaws and poll by a bridle. The obvious fact is that this circle is locked, the stronger is the impact, the higher is the resistance; the higher is the resistance, the more cruel are the ways of the impact so on and so forth – up to the horse’s rebellion after which the following events occur: the beating of the horse at first, than escalation of the rebellion in return and even more furious beating again. This terrible reality takes place in every sphere of a man and  horse’s interaction and mainly in sport.
Until I couldn’t understand the uselessness and meanness of the bit, I was trained and teaching horses like others did. Till the moment I started to feel ashamed and realized that one must learn to built relations with a horse without any compulsion. After all it’s very  easy to make a horse do any exercise, for example piaffe with a bridle.
The horse should be collected  to move well with a horseman on its back. The  poll must be flexed , the  hindquarters  must be engaged, the back must be rounded off. Usually a horse is forced to perform all this with the help of thongs and bit that becomes a real torture for a horse. A man who can’t find the right way to the consciousness of a horse and appeal directly to it  has created a dozen of idiotic appliances. But in reality there is an easier way. You just come up to a horse and ask it to do vertical flexion . You don’t need any bridles, thongs or strings for that. A horse will do everything though at first it will be taken aback. A horse likes to get proves, so you can ask it to do something primitive but that is impossible to be done without collection  like piaffe (trot on the place). But having a horseman on its back a horse will understand that it’s impossible to do even such an easy thing as  piaffe  without collection. And after that the collection will be very easy and pleasant for the horse  without any strings at any gait. The main thing is that a horse will always be able to regulate the extent which is necessary for it and collection  will never turn out to be a torture.
The Spanish trot is the next and a very important step in Haute Ecole training. According to biomechanics this is similar to the Spanish walk, but strong, energetic and jerky with a great movement ahead. A horse is taught to perform Spanish trot  only in hands, obviously, having it and its head absolutely free.


11.4         A.Nevzorov (on screen):  Balance  is a very important element in the horse training. Only by performing it you can obtain the complete suppleness and balance of the horse’s movement.

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