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Alexander Nevzorov Nezvorov Haute Ecole The Horse Crucified and Risen Lidia Nevzorova Horse Revolution Iron-Free Horse
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The Horse Crucified and Risen / Film - The Horse Crucified and Risen (Horse Encyclopaedia) by Alexander Nevzorov

8 Subtitle Circus

8.1     A.Nevzorov (off screen): This is the last day of a small grey 16-year-old Arab horse named Aman in the circus. His last farewell entrance to the red carpets of arena. He isn’t old, 16 years for a horse is the second maturity - the time of sensible courage and matured strength. But the arena is a terrible thing – there are few horses whose legs can endure the millions of hits on the rubber covering  of arena. The grey Arab horse with magic eyes can’t work in the circus any more. The sentence of the vet is clear: Aman should go away. For good. Indifferent to audience’s tears. The last circle.

8.2      A.Nevzorov (on screen): In fact there is no such a ritual in circus at all.
 Yes. One more circle. It is me who made it all up.

8.3    A.Nevzorov (off screen): In reality the circus horses leave arena in a banal, ordinary  and sometimes even in a terrible way, they go away to nowhere. Fortunately the Aman’s story has a wonderful end. He will be taken not to the Gipsy’s slaughter-house to dark-skinned men with knives, not to disgusting city horse riding hire to violent kids, but he will be taken just to carry on living. He will have what he has never had in his life before: a small but own and nice paddock, his own loose box and a quiet horse’s happiness far from the noise of audience, horse-breeders and whips. The one who gave the horse a refuge will enjoy for many years looking in his big eyes filled with wisdom as well as a torture added by the circus. It’s amusing but it’s an absolute rule that the outcast of the horse world live in the circus, on the arena, under the brocade horsecloth and feathers, in hundreds of colourful lights. Those are horses cast from hippodromes, sport, races for whom no place could be found but the circus. The circus is poor. It’s poor by definition, and that is its common but comfortable state. The poverty of the circus is its tradition and religion at the same time. And the circus accepts everyone: the lame, the crooked, the one-eyed, the jaded. And having cured them a bit, it powders them, covers them with sparkles, crowns them with plumes and pushes them into life – on the red carpets of its arenas.
And everything that happened to the small Arab horse Aman turned out to be the truth. His horse dreams of rest and love have come true. He has acquired a permanent and free refuge in a company with a black, very fat and philosophical pony at a small farm. His legs mutilated by the arena still hurt, but his big eyes have become brighter and wiser. I would like every circus horse and other horses - famous and unknown - to have such pension. But the Horse God is weak and the people’s God doesn’t care about horses. So Aman is very lucky. That’s all about the circus.

8.4          A.Nevzorov (on screen): Nevertheless the main leading factor in the life of a horse will ever be a man, though his role is extremely awful and mean. It can be an sportsmen who tortures a horse because of some adrenalin, rosettes or his own ambitions. Or it can be a jockey who got exhausted of beating the horse. It can be  an aesthetic lady-amateur who torments a horse she doesn’t know why, though she knows for sure that she will never participate in any Olympic games. But we won’t speak about such people. We will talk about other people who have changed the world horses’ life because of their nobility, kindness and understanding the horse nature.

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