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Alexander Nevzorov Nezvorov Haute Ecole The Horse Crucified and Risen Lidia Nevzorova Horse Revolution Iron-Free Horse
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The Horse Crucified and Risen / Film - The Horse Crucified and Risen (Horse Encyclopaedia) by Alexander Nevzorov

6 Subtitle : A Hooligan with a Heart of Gold.

6.1          A.Nevzorov (off screen): This is Perst. Due to his exceptionally rebellious nature, his uncontrollable will, his swiftness, courage and power, his astonishing love for freedom and unwillingness to succumb, his only possible destination was the abattoir. The sportsmen, who were enticed by his physical perfection, tried to overcome his resistance, but they ended up with broken legs and arms. He responded to the violence with such violence  that everyone stepped back. He was invincible.

6.2           A.Nevzorov (on screen): In the place where I found him, they fought against his wild, rebellious and invincible spirit in a traditional way. They didn’t feed him for weeks, for whole months, expecting him to give in. But he didn’t. Because he was an invincible horse by his very nature.

6.3            A.Nevzorov: He didn’t give in. He was sold almost for nothing like some hopeless thing despite his noble descent, his power and beauty.

6.4            A.Nevzorov: Indians from reservations in North Carolina, that once visited me, gave him a name “Tashunko Vitko” which means “Frantic Horse”.

6.5            A.Nevzorov (off screen): And here is a  chestnut mare Lippissina whose power and talent are striking.  And here is her mother – the famous Chimera. Once Lippissina  was broken by hunger like her mother, but then, after having been nourished, she was able to show her real self in brilliance and glamour.
             Look at these games… Look at this power, joy and liberty of horses… You can easily see how wild, frenzied and hot-tempered the horses which I train are. Horses adore games, and I start the upbringing by teaching a horse to play with me as  with any other horse. Sometimes the games are rough, tense and very dramatic  because a healthy horse of good blood is swept over by her own power and mischievousness. The game excites and exhilarates it. Should a man expose his cowardliness or weakness, he becomes an outsider forever. A man should be not only  a partner of a horse but also a leader because this wonderful, tempting game, that feels better for a horse than a thousand of carrots, must be started and finished at a man’s  wish. Here a human must become a domineering stallion who sets his own roles and gives out roles to every horse in the herd. These frenzied, furious horses, once they are under a saddle with a rider on their back, must become absolutely obedient without losing their joy and power even when they are not inhibited by a bridle or bit. They must be ready to perform movements and figures of Haute Ecole, the most prestigious and difficult school of horse riding in the world.
         Due to the fact that Haute Ecole today pursues the course of absolute freedom either a horse is with or without a rider on, the horses are brought up in complete liberty, except a thin belt that hangs loosely around their shoulders.
            But back to the game: the hotter the game, the better. When one is dealing with a difficult, hot-tempered and  dominating horse, like this thoroughbred  racing one, the moment comes when, due to the contact established during the game, the horse is to be put down on the ground, but it must be done in a fair way, with no devices and no infringement of liberty, simply with the help of words. It’s just one of the many ways to assert yourself - a prostrate horse is absolutely defenseless and it knows it perfectly well. And the human being on top didn’t hurt it and didn’t take advantage of its position but proved his leadership.
         “Oh, I see, he is the  right guy to become a friend and a leader”, tells the horse to itself, figuring it out quickly. Once I’ve taught the horse to lie down, I’ll teach it to sit. This is essential for its upbringing and the perfection of its movements as well, for nothing stretches and strengthens its back and loins  better than sitting - a horse that hasn’t been taught to sit will never be fit enough. After teaching it to sit, I immediately teach it an exercise called “Ave”, which is based on the stretching of the back and the loin , but here the shoulders come into play too. Then it’s not a long way to go from the first stage to the second one, and then to reversed pirouette with crossed feet and  reversed pirouette on three legs. With well-trained loin and shoulders, a horse can quickly be taught stretching and controlling her own front legs with ease, which prepares it for the Spanish walk. Later on, when a horse is good enough to perform hard figures of Haute Ecole  like “balancer” or the Spanish trot, its fantastic and elastic loin, back and shoulders trained by these simple and basic elements, will come in very handy. And the horse will do everything with ease and pleasure.

 6.6            A.Nevzorov (on screen): And, as a result, I get horses not only of fantastic power and fantastic strength, but also of fantastic and perfect obedience. This naughty guy here knows perfectly well that it is enough for him to make one abrupt move and he will crack my head like an egg with his huge hoof. He remembers it perfectly well  and that is exactly the reason why he’ll never make that abrupt move.

 6.7           A.Nevzorov (off screen): Perst, who was mentioned as Tashunko Vitko - the furious  horse, has proven himself capable of love and forgiveness. He has forgiven the  human all the human stupidity and human evil that he felt so acutely, when he was tortured and starved by sportsmen.
            Now, raised on the principles of Haute Ecole, without punishments, bit and any infringements of liberty, he has revealed himself as a wise and noble creature, and working with him never calls for any bit, force or shouting.
            Of course, he is still a  hooligan. But a hooligan with a heart of gold! Well, one can hardly find a horse without a heart of gold in the whole world. I believe it is impossible. They all have hearts of gold.
            And all these horses at racing – all these cornered, beaten down, turned into sport  apparatus horses who fear and hate humans – they are also horses with a golden hearts who once were ready to love, to make friends, to understand and to forgive.

The Final Subtitles.

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