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Alexander Nevzorov Nezvorov Haute Ecole The Horse Crucified and Risen Lidia Nevzorova Horse Revolution Iron-Free Horse
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The Horse Crucified and Risen / Film - The Horse Crucified and Risen (Horse Encyclopaedia) by Alexander Nevzorov

5 Subtitle Baby Therese.

5.1       A.Nevzorov (off screen): How magical and light are the dreams of a young racing horse Therese the Third, who is now lying on the operating table in a Rosedyle and Partners clinic in New-Market. Complete silence reigns here, as well as complete sterility, complete technology and the ingenious hands of Richard Payne, a pan-english star of veterinarian surgery. Therese the Third is sleeping. Pain has left her broken joints. And the anesthetic, gaseous halothane carries her, a lovely beautiful horse, away from the table to the steeped in grass fields to her mother and sisters. And there the beautiful Therese starts running. Her running slightly disrupts the order of stages of the operation, but everything is quickly placed under control again, continues and comes to the end. While the after-effect of halothane is still in action, “the girl” has to be released from all these necessary bandages and coverages for nothing could disrupt her sincere dream.  And, while she is still in her dream, she is being placed into a so-called “recovering chamber”.
What a contradictory creature a human might be! So mean, stubborn and stupid. But so touching from time to time! For thirty centuries a man has been studying the horse with passion.  He puts all the possible and impossible efforts to cure it and relieve it from sufferings and pain. At first, of course, he puts all his energy to cause all these sufferings with utmost human creativity. For some reason a man is sure of his inalienable right – a right to bring pain to a horse.
5.2           A.Nevzorov (on screen): The baby girl Therese, like thousands of other horses, has been mangled by racing. Her destiny is typical of a horse after the first racing season. Richard Payne has completely cured her today through the ‘keyhole’ operation. As a matter of fact, he has cured her only with a view of sending her to do racing again. To break her joints and rupture her tendons.
5.3             A.Nevzorov (off screen): But when the expenses connected with treatment  exceed the value of the girl Therese, her owner will replace her with another one, and Therese will go to nowhere. She will end up under a knife or right in the middle of a field, all broken down, starved or finished off by sporty, pretty and tidy English girls with blondish hair and reddish faces in black and blue velvet helmets. The girl Therese then will rise into her field up in heaven, to her horse god, but it will be later. Right now, at the moment of release of this film, I know for sure that Therese is safe and sound. The racing season, which she might even live through, is just starting.
5.4             A.Nevzorov (on screen): She is transported into a special “soft” room, where the walls and the floor are designed to absorb practically any shock and to prevent almost any trauma that a horse can inflict on herself as she comes round after the narcosis.

5.5            A.Nevzorov (off screen): And this is New-Market  Tattersall. As things stand at this moment, this is the main place in the world that trades thoroughbreds, English thoroughbred  horses for racing. The prices are wild, the bids start at 30 thousand or more and may reach billions. Only a year ago the scared girl Therese was running here on the rubber floor of the auction hall just like the horses put on sale today. The number of deals made each day  is enormous. There are a thousand and a half horseboxes, the gigantic city of horseboxes. All those who make a fortune on racing and lose it on racing flock here. One by one  scared to death  thoroughbred yearlings are led on to the arena of the auction hall and the high-pitched voice looms incessantly from 20 loud speakers calling out bids and prices.

5.6              A.Nevzorov (on screen): It’s a gorgeous beginning, and it is not accepted and completely “outlawed” to talk about what will happen to all these astonishing horses - so young, fragile and magic, about what will happen to them in two years, when for the most part they will turn ugly cripples. The leg bones of a racing horse get damaged and even break, strangely enough, not because of collisions but because of this abnormal strain of muscles that a racing horse undergoes. 95% of them will bleed at the nose  after the first and the second racings . And this is all a norm, it’s common, because racing is a system that tortures and humiliates horses.
5.7            A.Nevzorov (off screen): In the mean time, in the “soft” room of Rossdale  and Partners clinic, baby Therese has already got up on her legs. Here, behind these soundproof walls she is surrounded by absolute silence, she hears no noise of that human world that disfigured her legs - the world of human games. There are no sounds of this strange radio-rasping voice calling out bids with interwoven jeering of hundreds and thousands of Yahoos… But in reality these sounds haven’t gone anywhere.                                
             Speaking about the amazing relationship between the human and the horse, it is necessary to gather up courage and admit the obvious: the bit is a method of submitting a horse to our will through causing it extreme pain in the mouth. It has no other functions.
            The bit in the mouth of a horse is a symbol of a rider’s fear of the horse power and its striving  for liberty, a symbol of his inability and unwillingness to understand a horse and be understood in return.
            An obvious question arises: if a horse feels so much pain, why doesn’t it rebel and crash all these competitions into pieces? Those horses who haven’t succumbed and haven’t given up will never appear at the competitions. They have shorter life and, much more frightening fate.

5.8         A.Nevzorov (on screen): But this is not the most striking aspect of the story. Besides the path of Yahoo - the path of anger, violence, beating, cruelty and bit in the mouth  there is another, astounding path that has nothing to do with bit,  punishment,  violence towards the horse.

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