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Alexander Nevzorov Nezvorov Haute Ecole The Horse Crucified and Risen Lidia Nevzorova Horse Revolution Iron-Free Horse
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The Horse Crucified and Risen / Film - The Horse Crucified and Risen (Horse Encyclopaedia) by Alexander Nevzorov

1 Subtitle: The introduction

1.1    A. Nevzorov off screen: We know neither the name nor the breed of this chestnut Scythian horse. He was killed 2.5 thousands years ago over the coffin of a Scythian lord whose name is unknown to us. Killed along with his wives and servants.
In accordance with the still unsolved Scythian funeral ceremony, the horse crowned with gold deer horns, in a felted mask embroidered and decorated with Iranian gold.
      He understood absolutely everything. And when he was taken into the burial vault, red from the flickering light of the torches and led in silence along an immense log with the corpse and quietly wailing women tied to it and waiting for the blow of the battle-ax on the back of the head, he knew for a sure what would happen with him.
He had been living with people for a long time and he had well learnt their habits. Since that very moment he had been lying near his master’s body for two thousand five hundred years, until the burial mounds of the Pazyryk in the valley of the Great Ulagan in Eastern Altai
was opened and studied.

1.2       Nevzorov: And now his last  home, his enormous burial mound is the Hermitage in Saint-Petersburg.
The Pazyryk horse is regarded as a kind of superexibit. It is a tremendous monument of its time, because there is no other horse mummy of the same age in the world. This “boy” is 2.5 thousands years old. And there were only few people who treated him as a horse, though a lot can be told say about him as of a horse.
He was somewhere about eighteen years old. Eighteen, probably approaching nineteen. He was undoubtedly a stallion, judging by his canines. He was quite tall, his height, judging by the proportions and the diagonal length of the shoulders, was not less than fifteen hands, almost 153 cm - for that period it was a very tall horse.

1.3      A. Nevzorov off screen: So, on that black Scythian spring deadly night he was led along the log and freed from his horned mask lest the felt and the Iranian gold should prevent the bearded scythian with a crooked nose from dealing a precise blow.
He was given his last bowl of grain.
When he began to eat, the wailing wives turned quiet, but not out of pity for the horse. They knew the ritual as well, and they knew that as soon as the horse was dead – in a second they would be killed too.
But the horse was the first to be killed, for he was loved more than the wives.

1.4    A. Nevzorov: there is only one blow-mark of the battle-ax on his head which was made by that very ritual battle-ax that was used to kill the horse at the grave of his master. The only blow of the battle-ax was made.

1.5   A. Nevzorov off screen: it also means that the one with the crooked nose did his business well and that the horse didn’t twitch, didn’t dart off, but accepted the blow in the way he was used to accepting everything else from a human.

1.6     A. Nevzorov off screen: In the autumn of 1535, on St. Francisc’s day, six bishops and the devout knights - forty three coats of arms altogether - having adorned themselves with holy crosses and gonfalons were conducting, in a great procession with clanking and singing, a horse possessed by the devil to the fire that had already been prepared for it. Charged with a direct and clear connection with the devil, its supernatural abilities serving as the proof, a learned horse was condemned to being faggotted.
           According to the legend it was a phenomenally talented horse from a travelling circus, a horse which name was Annable.
             The matter of fact is that Annable, obviously, didn’t do anything bad or supernatural - only this or that pretty circus tricks like obeying a command, being able to count and fetch different objects when ordered. But the presence of intellect in a horse which, according to the Church’s perception, it could not have, was a sure sign that the horse was possessed by the devil.
            So, on St. Francisc’s Day, six bishops and the devout knights were conducting a horse possessed by the devil to the bonfire.

1.7       A. Nevzorov on screen: Annabel the horse was subjected to all the horrors of the so called ritual of exorcism, i. e. the chasing away of the devil. Burning coals were thrusted into his ears.

1.8       A. Nevzorov off screen: They tortured him, they even wanted to cut his belly open to see whether the devil, who could explain his astonishing intellect and   abilities was hiding there. But they denied their idea having decided that the horse would most likely die and deprive the public of the great pleasure and entertainment – to watching how the horse possessed by the devil will be faggotted.
          The horse was read his sentence and led to the bonfire. Beaten and tortured all over, the half-dead horse, whose conduct was merely the consequence of love  and trust to humans and his desire to bring them the joy he could, resisted frantically.
            He was chained to the wall. The devout crowd was ecstatic in a joyous frenzied howl anticipating the burning of devil hiding in the horse’s body on the holy fire.
            A circus girl who had lived with him for years and taught Annabel tried to cut the horse’s throat to end his sufferings, but she was beaten to death by the executioners. The well dried wood was quickly set on fire, and soon the towering scorching-hot flames swept the horse.
            The burning horse was screaming so frighteningly that several knights were touched and decided to stab him, thus depriving him from the sufferings. However, the bishops forbade doing this and around the fire with the screaming horse in it a human slaughter started. The merciful knights were stabbed to death and trodden upon, because the bishops guards were far more numerous. They wanted the devil to be burned down alive. A lot of knights, pages and townsfolk were killed on that day. Annabel was faggotted alive delirious with maddening screams. Although it was only desperate neighing, (or how could the horse believe that humans could be doing this?), the bishops claimed that such great cries were the voice of the devil himself. However, we know the examples of another kind…

1.9      A. Nevzorov off screen: In the twentieth century the great belly of the empire under the heavens was cut open by the tribes of Chzhurgen that had inundated all the northern and the north-eastern provinces of China.
The Chzhurgens pillaged with great pleasure, killing everybody without any distinctions.
The story of Yue Fei the Taoist hermit dates back to those times. The Chzhurgens killed all the monks of the monastery and blinded its abbot Yue Fei, cut out the eyes of  the old monastery horse for fun and sent the two blind ones to wander in the outskirts of Shangxi.
Yue Fei had never ridden a horse before, he didn’t know how to mount on it and  trudged by its side. Walking side by side with the horse for a long time, he learned its infinite kindness and its despair, and came to love it.
The Chzhurgen patrols mocked the blind wanderers and shouted to Yue Fei that   Daos didn’t need eyes to find his way.
On the fifteenth day of their wanderings, the goddess with silver face, the merciful Guanyin, appeared and stood in their way. She was sent by the Gods. They  had given her the eyes of the daos sage, washed and cured in the heavens, and ordered her to return them to Yue Fei.
But Guan-In, a heaven’s naughty girl decided to play a trick and suggested Yue Fei to make a choice.

1.10   Guanyin (A. Nevzorov interprets off screen): I have the power to return the ability to see the world to one of you. Choose, if you will.

1.11   Yue Fei (A. Nevzorov interprets off screen): The World should be seen by that one who understands it. Give the eyes to the old horse.
1.12   A. Nevzorov off screen
: responded the Taoist hermit  Yue Fei to the goddess with silver face.
And Guanyin did as the monk decided. She gave the horse the eyes of Taoist, washed and cured in the Heavens, the eyes filled with great wisdom and great kindness.

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