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Alexander Nevzorov Nezvorov Haute Ecole The Horse Crucified and Risen Lidia Nevzorova Horse Revolution Iron-Free Horse
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The Horse Crucified and Risen / Book - The Horse Crucified and Risen (Horse Encyclopaedia) by Alexander Nevzorov

An extract from the chapter Equestrian Sport

The circus is another story altogether. Oh, it really is quite another story… In short, it has all the same special equipment that there is in sport, all the same stupidity and cruelty, but…

The circus is a world unto itself, secret and closed. This is a world in which the very chemical composition of the air seems to be fundamentally different from everywhere else.

For the halfwit and the dupe, for the correspondent who has been allowed the briefest of glimpses into its inner backstage realms, the circus holds ready and prepared the clown’s foolish smile and a couple of old yarns about horses.

The circus knows all about itself and is well able to defend itself against prying eyes and ears.
Its defences have been perfected over centuries. The halfwit will sit and watch what he is shown – then he’ll go away, convinced that he has seen the circus from the inside.

This is a delusion and a lie. Only those who are part of the circus ever see it from the inside.

They are the only ones who can see themselves and others like them as they really are. It is only alone with themselves or with others like them, those to whom they are bound by the thirty-metre red circle of the circus ring, that they act naturally and stop lying. Seeing the circus from the inside, really knowing the circus, requires a peculiar kind of transformation.
You have to become part of the circus.

Until this transformation has taken place, you will not be able to see anything, observe anything or understand anything. The nature of this transformation involves the transformation of many ordinary human concepts.

Good and evil change places or are smelted into some third quality that combines these two concepts within itself. Torment, human or animal, ceases to appear as torment and somehow starts to seem like something sound, original and cheerful.

There are many astonishing metamorphoses! Do you know how they set a horse on pesade in the circus? You know, on rear. It’s very simple. They take a horse. They attach a long rope to the “iron” in its mouth. On the right or the left side of the bit – it doesn’t matter which.

The cable is raised into the darkness high up under the big top and passed over a pulley. The same pulley they use for safeguarding the trapeze artists. The end of the rope that has been passed over the pulley is lowered back into the ring, in front of the horse or behind it. Three or four of the more hefty circus men grab hold of the rope, all wearing mittens in order not to burn their hands.

The trainer smacks his lips, cracks his lunging whip - and the three men in mittens tug down hard on the cable, jerking up the horse towards the pulley high in the big top by the bit in its mouth until it is raised absolutely vertical.

Two men beat the horse from behind as a preventive measure to make sure that it doesn’t stagger or tumble over backwards. The trainer beats the horse from the front to make sure it won’t try to lower itself back down. During this exercise the horse’s mouth is usually torn until it bleeds.

The horse’s strong, powerful lips cannot withstand the sudden jerk, and its bloody eyes pop out of their sockets. The trainer usually jokes afterwards (with a laugh): “Put its eyes back in”.

These words are not spoken to anyone in particular, not to his assistant or the horse-holder. They are, rather, addressed to a god, the powerless god of horses, who sees everything and is already waiting for this circus horse’s soul. Oh yes, I forgot: when it’s all over, they thrust a carrot sliced into rings into the torn mouth of the trembling, sweat-soaked horse.

The bloodstained carrot immediately drops out and goes tumbling across the surface of the arena. May you see this scene before your eyes the next time you take your nephew to the circus!

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