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The Horse Crucified and Risen / Book - The Horse Crucified and Risen (Horse Encyclopaedia) by Alexander Nevzorov

About the book

Now you have a great possibility to buy an anusual book “The Horse Crucified and Risen” (“Horse Encyclopaedia”) created by Alexander Nevzorov. The book opens to a reader secrets of education of a horse without any violence, without any bits and punishment. Moreover, this book includes unlimited hard analysis such a phenomenons as equestrian sport, history of cavalry, history of means of enforcement.

A movie with analogous name has already split the horse-world of Russia to implacable supporters and furious opponents of Nevzorov.

The book is not a repetition of the movie. This book, to tell true, is more serious, more hard, more reasoned. Such a peculiarity of communication between a human and a horse as a bit bridle was showed by the author not only on the base of his emotions and abilities to teach a horse without a bit but on the vast and exact data of world veterinaries, on the labours of the best hippologers of nowadays.

Fortunately the book is not limited by frames of ether-time and the author has an opportunity to prove all his statements by attraction of indisputable and absolutely authoritative sources.
Those who know what is “The Horse Crucified and Risen”, are in the firm belief that this book will blow up consciousness of many-many people and probably become the main book for those who are looking for particular, honest way of building communication with a horse. The book is well-illustrated and keeps truly encyclopaedic knowledges.

Let’s go through some lines from prologue:

“I am absolutely sure, this book should not been read or even opened by those who chose equestrian sport, horse racing or driving and so on as their profession or amusement. Sportsmen, jockeys, riders and ones who similar to them will find out nothing good from this encyclopaedia. On the contrary. Also it would be better not to have such a public among readers because of their rancour , obstinacy and remarkable aggression that they show when they are trying to defend their right to force and torture horses.

I would prefer to stay in private eye with a few those people who completely understand or try to understand the essence of relationship between human and horse.

If you even try hard you will scarcely find an area being so false and having as much lie as human-horse relationship.

Even the most unpopular and third-rate religions include either less lies or that lies are skillfully based on some kind of right dogmas of psychology and, nevertheless, addressed to a human, the being who always has a choice to tell them to go to the devil.

Well, frankly speaking, I am not much interested in people. This book is about history of relationship between human and horse. It is about main secrets of a horse’s mind, about her fantastic generosity, the skill to love and to be a friend, about her main misfortune – the proximity to humanbeings.

Personally I, probably, can more authoritatively that anyone talk about these her features, raised without any brutality, without straps, pieces of iron and sticks, sufficient quantity of horses.

Just have a look to any century and you will find unbelievable quantity of lies that concerns relationship between human and horse and also education of horses. Lies that are dense and joyful. Intoxicate lies. From sweet fairy tales to crazy thoughts how stupid horses are, to instructions of a sadist James Fillis “how to burn a horse with a fire”.

Firm sureness of anthropomorphic monkey in its right to cause pain to “under being”, like it supposes, and its ability to go to its aim by the road that is covered with horse’s corpses, that combination of devices, sureness and cruelty gives, as everybody knows, excellent results in equestrian “sport”.

May be, we can hardly understand motivation of people who seriously dream about Olympiad and stony, gradually and passionately torture, disable horses for Olympiad's sake…

Using different devices by them is based on total blooming of their minds and hate that has been in progress during their equestrian sport’s lessons for years. Hate to a Horse. Well-known psychosis of “hunger of possession” triumphes and direct their actiones. In that case it is possession of a “rosettes” (pieces of carton with a ribbon and a sign of a placement), mugs, diplomas and medals of different size. There are no other reasonable explanation to their behaviour and could not be. By the way, some kind of a role plays here an opportunity of easy self-esteem. Because equestrian sport is a suitable thing!

For myself, I long ago combined all people’s funs, amusements, that are based on tortures and misunderstanding of a horse and I suppose that thrios, horse racing, races, bullfighting, circus, thriathlon, dressage, hire, show jumping – all these, actually, are the same things.

All these disciplines have one main common feature: all of them are based on complete misunderstanding of a horse, unknowing, not hearing of her and bringing to mind as biological
mechanism, that is ought to serve a human in his fun – just because it ought to do it!

99 percents of horsemen know they will never reach Olympiad, that all their lives they will spend in local stable or take part in miserable local competitions, but, oh God, with what importance they engage to their horses standing martingales, how much clown’s gravity in

How much funny and horrible show off in their trainings and objections. More than anything they like to tell something in behalf of a horse.

It could be so funny to listen to “hire-ladies” (of any sex) who are playing in equestrian sport for some reason, and after a one hour of mortising, striking a horse-back by their fat hind quarters, dismounted, they usually lisp, absolutely sure in love of a horse to themselves."

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