Horse Encyclopaedia
Russia, 2004, 2x26 min., color

Concept by: Konstantin Ernst; Author, first director: Alexander Nevzorov, Director: Vitaly Vinogradov
Production: "Evorinvest"; Genre: Documentary film

The first episode of the "Horse Encyclopedia" is an introductory one. It includes a detailed investigation of the history of the relationships between the horse and the man.
Many centuries ago, at the dawn of human society, the man couldnít but notice the horse and fall in love with it. Having fallen in love he desired to make this strong and clever animal his property. He cursed it to live with him and in conformity with his own laws. All kinds of human beliefs and ideas of God influenced the fates of horses. That is why the authors titled the film "Belief".
But the horse is a freedom-loving animal. It hates slavery. That is why it didnít like the man and has always tried to get freedom. Then the man invented a hundred of methods to keep the horse with him. A thousand of workshops and factories all over the world produce all sorts of devices to hold and control the horse, i.e. the devices to cut it. Bits that may tear the animalís mouth, spurs that may mutilate its flanks, and many other instruments. The title of the second film is "Iron".

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